Australia faces unprecedented floods: so far more than 20 dead and 60,000 displaced

    Australia faces unprecedented floods: so far more than 20 dead and 60,000 displaced

    The government will declare a national emergency in two states, New South Wales and Queensland, in the face of a “catastrophic” situation as Prime Minister Scott Morrison has commented. The most recent report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change indicated that these extreme events are destined to increase. We are already seeing the impact of climate change.

    Submerged cities, cars floating over a large expanse of water and boats roaming the streets looking for people trapped in their homes. These are scenes you may have already seen before, but not on this scale. south east australia These days he faces a situation that According to the Emergency Services Commissioner, Carlin York Unparalleled in the past. They are already registered 21 dead And the 60 thousand people They were evacuated from Sydney. The country’s capital is actually the worst affected city flood. According to the latest IPCC report, these extreme events are set to increase due to climate change.

    Rescue Services spokesman Phil Campbell called the floods “Water equivalent of fire Forestry“, those who devastated Australia between 2019 and 2020 who, according to a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, reduce the ozone layer by 1%Erase all improvements obtained in previous years. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has already announced that he will announce national emergency In two states: New South Wales, where Sydney is also located, and Queensland. “What we are seeing is heartbreaking. It must be seen, breathed and felt“, exclude.

    Rescue Services spokesman Phil Campbell described the flooding as “the water equivalent of the bushfires” that devastated Australia in 2019-2020.

    high rain They’ve hit the country for the past two weeks and haven’t stopped yet. Watch private now Manley Damin the outskirts of Sudan, where small floods already occur.

    It makes no sense to insist more on the dramatic details that the pictures and news coming out of Australia tell. Most importantly, you definitely understand that We no longer have to deal with emergencies, with unexpected events. Last year, just this month, we were writing about how Australia has been battling its worst flooding in the past 60 years. In July 2021, Germany and Belgium faced floods with at least 80 deaths and thousands missing: they fell 148 liters of rain per meter square in the sun 48 hours. According to a study by the UK Center for Environment and Hydrology, finally, in Africa Elimination of Forests It has caused a doubling of floods in the past 30 years. Climate change is such a reality, that it is impossible to understand why people are still trying to ignore it.

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