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Australia: a whale coming out of the ocean, it’s the new Australian observatory

Australia: a whale coming out of the ocean, it's the new Australian observatory

Within a few months, Half a giant whale will emerge from the ocean. Looking at the first photos of the performances that were posted on the Internet, it appears that it is a giant statue created to honor the sea. Actually it is New Australian Observatory, Located two hours south of Perth, which will partially submerge the ocean.

is called Australian Underwater Discovery Center It aims to become the largest natural marine observatory on the continent and in the world at large. The chassis design was previously revealed BACA Architects, Award-winning architecture studio, already famous for its ecological, landscape and integrated design approach.

The company’s engineers specializing in near-water construction were the ones who won the tender, making that in the authority’s eyes. A large building in the shape of cetaceans It lifts its head over Geographe Bay. Australian citizens also appreciated the proposal, who were encouraged to vote on the preferred design for what would be the new marine observation post.

Australian Underwater Discovery Center

Australian Underwater Discovery Center

Work will begin on the Australian Underwater Discovery Center this year while the new center is scheduled to open December 2022. It was soon said that the goal of this new construction: to become the largest center of its kind in the world open to the enthusiastic public and scholars. Indeed, special attention will be given to the ability to monitor marine habitats of Geographe Bay, the southwestern part of Australia.

AUDC will be constructed largely of concrete, and the concrete has been chosen for its special resistance to tough conditions, such as those that can occur in marine environments.

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The building will be erected near the shipyard, then once completed, the whales will be flooded two kilometers from Busselton Wharf.

Underwater Water Discovery Center

The Underwater Discovery Center near Busselton Pier

The Underwater Exploration Center will also host an underwater pathway that will provide all visitors with an exciting and unique view under the sea through large glass windows, one of which will be the full height of the building.

From the outside, the large bay window will aim to evoke Whale eye. There will also be a dining area and an art gallery.

Underwater Discovery Center, International

Underwater Discovery Center, International

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