Aurelio De Laurentiis is increasingly at the heart of Serie A

    Aurelio De Laurentiis is increasingly at the heart of Serie A

    De Laurentiis for Serie A TV

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    The desire to Aurelio De Laurentiis To revolutionize the football world continues unabated. Having achieved this feat on the pitch, bringing back the tricolor to Napoli after 33 years through a strategy of financial efficiency, Filmauro now aims number one at the transmission model, and thus the entertainment, of Italian football. In an interview with financial timesAnd De Laurentiis stated that the league league They must decide to control the television production of the matches and then broadcast the matches via unified platforms such as Amazon or Netflix. “It would be useful to put them together Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Paramount Plus and Discovery Hbo, by saying that Serie A will produce the matches and that those platforms will be used as the actual distributor of the matches, in order to create a direct bridge between Serie A and the fans, De Laurentiis explained. The idea partially follows the Spanish model in foreign rights – La Liga offers a subscription service for users United kingdom on Amazon Firstly, which allows you to enjoy matches that are produced internally – and obviously arises from a series of fundamental reasons including reducing the gap with other European leagues, those related to the closure of many young players and then fighting the dangerous cancer of piracy that steals nearly 5 million users in the weekend. Aside from the fact that the announcement of the sale of TV rights, as published on Friday the 19th, was unanimously voted on by the league’s clubs (and he expects the owned-only channel as a third option), the proposal made by De Laurentiis appears to be a clear reversal compared to his historic battle (side Together with the president of Lazio, Claudio Lotito) against the entry of private equity funds. The equation is simple and fast: in order for the first division to be able to produce the contents itself, the project of the media company must pass, which in turn seems entirely linked to opening negotiations with funds to raise capital and build a direct-to-consumer platform.
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