Attacked and killed by a shark. rip off his head

    Attacked and killed by a shark.  rip off his head

    Manuel Lopez was diving for clams when he was attacked by a great white shark near Topari Bay, Mexico. The predator literally cut off his head.

    He was scuba diving when he was attacked by a shark Literally cut off his head. The violent and horrific attack took place on January 5 in Bahía de Topari, V Mexico. As The Mirror stated, Manuel Lopez He was diving in the area also known as Topari BayWhen the great white shark, which had a length of six meters, targeted him. The man reportedly “didn’t have any air tanks while he was diving for scallops”.

    Spokesman Jose Bernal said: “He was underwater when the animal attacked him. He shredded his head impressively He bit his shoulders. Local divers were warned of sharks in the area and most decided not to dive for several days.” Lopez is believed to have ignored the warnings because he “needed to make money from shellfish.”

    Divers and fishermen pay the local government an annual fishing fee of about 350 euros (7,200 pesos) to dive in the area.

    Shark tracking experts said: “I Great white sharks They are most prevalent in the Gulf of California (where the dramatic incident occurred) during December and January, when pregnant female sharks enter the area. These predators often target sea lions for food because they are full of fat and therefore high in calories.”

    Many fishermen have claimed to have inadvertently caught sea lions in their fishing nets, and in several cases, great white sharks approached their boats as they were being pulled in their nets.

    The bay was closed for 24 hours after the attack.

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