Atlantia, hit in Germany: billion for Siemens for Traffic Unix

    Atlantia, hit in Germany: billion for Siemens for Traffic Unix

    Siemens has selected the Benetton Group for the company dealing with traffic flow management and urban mobility. According to a note from Atlantia, the spending will be 950 million, “all dependent on the financial resources already available.” Headquartered in Munich, Yunex Traffic is one of the most important global operators active in the innovative sector of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and intelligent mobility. Infrastructures and platforms are used to manage traffic flows and urban mobility in more than 600 cities and on 4 continents (Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania).

    “With Yunex Traffic entering our group – announced Atlantia CEO Carlo Bertazzo – we will be taking an important step forward in expanding our business. He went on to say that infrastructure management is now closely linked to innovation and sustainable mobility. This is why we will revitalize the industrial and development synergies between our assets and Yunex Traffic, with the goal of forming a highly competitive and leading-edge group, capable of synergistically managing infrastructures, services and technological innovation, to improve the travel experience.”

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