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AstraZeneca and the second dose, Clemente: “Do not force vaccine mixtures”

AstraZeneca and the second dose, Clemente:

AstraZeneca and the second dose, if under 60s vaccinated against Covid with Vaxzevria in the first dose, and didn’t want the mRna booster, what would happen? “It’s a problem. They signed informed consent related not only to the first dose but the entire vaccination process. Now the question also arises as to whether they should sign another agreement and, if so, how it is regulated. Why? If so? Someone decides What the TAR solicited because he did not want the heterogeneous advocacy, in my opinion the appeal risks being won. Therefore, in my opinion, freedom of choice would be desirable for the time being.” He is convinced of that Massimo ClementeD., director of the Laboratory of Microbiology and Virology at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan and lecturer at Vita Salute University.

“We’ve taken this step” to open up heterogeneous vaccinations for those under their 60s for a thousand reasons. “At least I’ll let the choice be made. Imposing it is risky – he explains to Adnkronos Health – and if something happens? It’s a combination that has not been approved by any regulatory authority, and today the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has reiterated a series of conditions. Each vaccine is approved for two doses. And two doses should be taken. This combination is equivalent to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s choice about giving a single dose of AstraZeneca to as many people as possible. I told him well. He has already prevented this wave, but single-dose vaccines are now seen as more susceptible to delta-variable and should run from For coverage. A full course of vaccination is needed to be adequately protected. There will be a lot of vaccine creativity that it’s good to avoid, it’s my opinion.”

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As for stopping the use of outdoor masks, “Since the Covid-19 data is in progress now, it is desirable, also because it favors tourism, that people can walk more calmly at sea and in artistic cities. But I hope it will start in July”, continues Clemente.

“I will wait until July 1 before ordering a moratorium on outdoor mask use,” the expert reiterated, speaking in a debate kindled by considering the options of neighboring France, which has already rescinded the obligation to protect in closed-doors. He concludes, “We have followed a line of caution, and therefore I will wait if we still want to maintain this attitude of excessive caution. There are still some injuries, especially among the youngsters.”

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