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Assault on the US Congress: Who is Eugene Goodman, the “Rogue” Agent Who Saved the Senators

Assault on the US Congress: Who is Eugene Goodman, the

Goodman, an Army veteran who had served in at least one shift in Iraq, had been a Capitol cop for at least ten years: the video that became popular in the aftermath of the January 6 attack shows him being chased by the group that refused to obey his orders to stop counting . Pictures next show the customer directing the crowd in another direction, while colleagues on the other side of the door desperately try to block him.

“The policeman faces the first man who is trying to challenge him, and then he is chased in a side corridor,” American media reported, after examining the video. “It was a matter of seconds,” the Washington Post wrote. “He definitely saved lives,” Kristen Wilson, the CNN reporter who first recognized him by name, wrote on Twitter. Goodman is now seen as a national hero: “He used himself, the black man, as bait,” Pamela Kuloff of ProPublica notes.

Doug Jensen, 41, from Des Moines, Iowa, was arrested on Saturday after being identified as the stalker. It is known that he was Qunun (he wore a conspiracy group shirt) and that he was fired from the construction company he worked for several years ago.

Suspension of two agents involved in the assault Two police officers have been arrested on Capitol Hill for their role in the assault on pro-Trump protesters in Congress: one took a selfie with a hooligan, while another wore a Maga hat (Make America Great Again), helping the protesters make their way. CNN Reports. A third person was arrested, but it was not clear whether he was a policeman or a member of the National Guard.

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The Minister of the Interior resigns Interim Interior Minister Chad Wolf has resigned. CNN Reports. He is the third minister to leave.

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