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“As far as Vax hasn’t arrived in Italy” – Libero Quotidiano


What weight do you do no fax In Italian public opinion? Alessandra Geisleriopinion poll manager Euromedia Research, Intervenes in On air on La7 and turns on the headlights in an annoying fashion. “Since the end of March, we have been monitoring whether the Italians want mandatory vaccination. Already on March 31 we were in 76.9%Obviously, among the priority categories, there were workers in health, schools and trade.”

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In summary, Ghisleri explains in relation to David Parenzo and Concita De Gregorio, “The real data is that less than 10% today, about8%, determined not to get vaccinated. So the unintentional figure is too low.” Sigh? Not really, because the figure is inflated in an alarming way looking at another segment of Italians: “There are still hesitant people who raise the ratio to 16%“The pollster asserts. The problem is that the undecided are often those who should be vaccinated with greater conviction,” more than 60 We are more concerned about the possible side effects of the vaccinated vaccine than about the dangers of the virus, which today appears under control but, as virologists explain, could return with the same strength that it has already shown between fall 2020 and winter 2021 also due to the predominance of the so-called delta variable.

“Today 76.9% translates to a number that exceeds for 80%. Tomorrow we will have poll results on green lane For bars and restaurants that I suggest Macron – concludes Ghisleri-: What we can say is that the European policy on green corridors and vaccines is rejected, while the Italian policy is particularly with my biker e Son has been promoted.

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