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Arnold Schwarzenegger voted the best leader in the event of an alien invasion

Arnold Schwarzenegger, predator
Arnold Schwarzenegger, predator

TV Tops He proposed a poll of 2,000 Britons asking who would be the best leader, in their opinion, in the event of a dangerous foreign invasion. For the inhabitants of the land of Albion, only the most reliable candidate would be Arnold Schwarzenegger, The star of dozens of action films and before California Governor.

The actor commented on this unexpected victory Twitter Comment on news with I want to thank people for trusting me. I’m ready to serve.

Star finisher It had to deal with prominent elements from the world of entertainment and politics. In second place he came will Smith Which between Independence Day e men dressed in black Strange thing he should know. The bronze medal for the scientific poetess, sir David Attenborough. They complete the first five Bruce Willis H Tom Cruise.

Donald Trump He is the first politician to appear in this ranking, in eighth place, directly behind him Harrison Ford And a star alien Sigourney Weaver. Other political leaders are much less. Indeed, in twelfth place Boris Johnson, Nineteenth Vice President of the United States Kamala HarrisRight in front of the same resident of the White House Joe BidenHe stopped in at twenty place.

TV Tops He commented on this finding explaining how 11% of adults interviewed believed in the existence of UFOs, and said they were concerned about this classification.

It’s alarming to see that many celebrities with a fictional space experience are considered by many to be better candidates than our current group of world leaders – the agency commented.

What is your opinion? You will also vote Arnold Schwarzenegger? Otherwise, where is it? Let us know in the comments.

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