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Argentine politician resigns after kissing his partner’s breasts in internet legislative session | Argentina


Legislated on ArgentinaThe House of Representatives of Congress was forced to resign after he was seen kissing his girlfriend’s naked breasts during an online debate in Congress.

The scandalous moment, during a debate about pension fund investments, was broadcast live on the House of Representatives YouTube channel and on a giant screen set up in Congress for online discussions during the pandemic.

While some Argentine lawmakers attend the sessions in person, many log in from home.

Juan Emilio Amiri claimed he had thought he was offline during the incident, but he resigned on Thursday after House Speaker Sergio Massa summoned him to request.

“I have an awesome [internet] Al-Amiri said in a radio interview later.

Al-Amiri said that his girlfriend, who had recently had a breast augmentation surgery, entered the room while he thought he was offline and called her.

I told her, “Let’s see what the implants look like. Look, this is more down, this is down less, let’s look at the scars, and she was by my side and kissed her breast, and that was it.”

Even though he claims he believes he is offline, Screenshots The one that went viral immediately shows the legislator looking directly at his computer camera before pulling out his partner’s blouse, all in full view of other members of Congress and online viewers.

The lawmaker, from the Peronist party led by President Alberto Fernandez, initially demanded a suspension from his seat, but eventually succumbed to demands for his resignation.

A statement issued by the government block in the House of Representatives said soon, “We cannot allow irresponsibility of this size, so we will ensure that all the rules are applied so that he is punished in the appropriate manner according to the severity of his actions.” Before Amiri resignation.

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Maria Rashid, a member of the ruling Peronist party, defended Al-Amiri in a tweet Thursday saying his behavior was no worse than that of lawmakers who play Candy Crush on their cell phones during the session.

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