area of ​​Australia and the United States. jangin bha

     area of ​​Australia and the United States.  jangin bha

    Several Italians competing in Challenger 80 in Milan, which takes place on the grounds of the TC Aspria Harbor Club, started with such a loud voice that the only player Federico Arnaboldi (plus Maestrelli who, however, was involved in the derby with Gigante) was stopped out on his debut, and eliminated by Canadian Alexis Galarneau (#294 ATP). But as for Andrea’s 22-year-old cousin, the season has just started, after a winter tormented by injuries, he certainly isn’t short on time to confirm last year’s impressive results. He is totally convinced of that Coach Diego Nargesso Who strongly believes in the boy. In the second round, Matteo Gigante, Luciano Darderi and Francesco Passaro reached the quarter-finals, the inevitable throwers.

    Matteo Gigante Beat the derby hard Marco Cecchinato Already off to a strong start, as often happens at his worst in 2022, he immediately grabbed serve from the young opponent. But when he went to serve the group at 5-3 he faltered, repeating a script so usual this season where he tallied eight wins and seventeen defeats. On the other hand, the 20-year-old Romanian tennis player showed no intimidation, came back to equalize and then won the tiebreak. At this point, Matteo was no longer finding obstacles and making the match 7-6 (3) 6-1 by himself. In the quarter-finals he will find Hungarian Fabian Marozan (#297 ATP) in a match that promises to be very balanced.

    It also reaches the neighborhoods Luciano Darderi Who was good at taking advantage of the good scoreboard because, after eliminating the humble Inigo Cervantes, he found himself in front of the 33-year-old Ernestes Gulbis who was the shadow of the handsome player he was (No. 10 in 2014) and the score in favor of the Italian-Argentinian (6-3). and 4-2 retired) not affected at all. It will definitely be harder in the next round against Federico Correa (#70 ATP & #1) who looks very energized and in two matches only left four matches on the road. complete the picture Francesco Passaro Which, riding a wave of great enthusiasm, smashed Canadian Alexis Gallarno (#294 ATP) 6-1, 6-3. Crossing with Norway’s Viktor Durasovich should not be impossible.

    Instead, in the second round Gianmarco Ferrari Which surprised Japanese Shintaro Mochizuki, as well Giovanni Fonio Who didn’t start out as a favorite with Russian Alexander Shevchenko, a player on fire if there ever was one. nothing to do Raul Brancaccio Compiled by irresistible Norwegian Victor Durasovich (#315 ATP).

    There were no Italians instead in the Challenger 80 in Oeiras (Portugal) who suffered more than AC Milan accompanying the Wimbledon qualifiers. Only one of the top 100 (ranked #1 Carballes Baena) and a rather mediocre entry list.

    It was also played in Buenos Aires, the Challenger 50 which, in addition to falling into the wrong week, confirms that South America, with few exceptions, is the extreme ocean of tennis important. Juan Pablo Vikovic Whoever plays as top seed is 168 ATP players and that tells us a lot about a tournament in which 17 Argentines out of 32 participants look a lot like the Albiceleste National Championship, yet deprived of their best representatives if it is true that Vicovic is just a player. .14 ​​from your country.

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