Are you having problems editing a PDF file? With Apple it’s easier than you think, just do it and you’ll instantly become an expert

    Are you having problems editing a PDF file?  With Apple it’s easier than you think, just do it and you’ll instantly become an expert
    Marking up text in a PDF on MacOS is very simple –

    Many users need to work with PDF files for various reasons, whether they are school or professional: here’s how to confirm with Mac. The functionality is very simple and can be found in the default, pre-installed Preview software that macOS comes with from the factory. It gets more complicated if you want to edit the entire PDF file.

    Without realizing it, in recent years we have radically changed our habits regarding all the innovations that have taken place in the technological field. Therefore, even our daily actions have changed the way they take place inside our electronic devices. PDF is one of the most used file types on the planet.

    In fact, this type of document can be shared and printed very easily. There are many texts that take this format, and often in our daily lives we find ourselves dealing with files of this type for various reasons. mostly Students need to study on slides in PDF formatbut also in professional settings These documents are used to prepare working texts. In short, the purposes are multiple. The only problem with this type of files is that users are often not aware of the tools they have available to edit them.

    Underlining a PDF on macOS is very simple: here’s how

    Today we are talking about macOS And all users who use Apple devices for their daily activities. Structure modification of a PDF file is complicated, as it requires it to be Paid Adobe suite, the true king of this type of files. Despite this, it is on macOS Pre-installed application which can perform various functions. he is called previewAnd with it you can Merge multiple files and delete pages too much. Not only that, because thanks to this program you can also select specific parts of the text.

    Even on a Mac, you can easily use the functions of PDF files –

    To do this, you need to open the document using the Preview application. There are two ways: the first is Select the desired text Then search the toolbar for a file pencil icon Which draws a line, where you can also choose the color of the highlighter. The second, however, consists of Click this button firstFinally, select the color Manually highlight all parts of the text interested. To delete highlighted parts, that’s it Select it by holding down the CTRL key.

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