Are stress and graying related? Latest Research

     Are stress and graying related?  Latest Research

    Are stress and gray or white hair related factors? Some researchers might argue yes, but the process is reversible. Let’s see how.

    Gray hair
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    The Stress It negatively affects many aspects of our lives. One of these has to do with the early appearance of the gods white or gray hair. As many doctors claim, stress also causes the development of some inflammatory processes and diseases. Let’s see the relationship between these two factors.

    Are stress and graying related? Latest Research

    Any inflammatory process or disease is negatively affected by stress, says Dr. Warren Heyman, MD, chief of dermatology at Rowan University’s Cooper School of Medicine. Poetry is no exception.

    prevent graying
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    Hair follicles usually contain pigment cells that make melanin, the chemical that gives hair its colour. These pigmented cells usually die with age. In the absence of pigment, the hair takes on a white or gray appearance.

    While experts don’t fully understand what turns into a key melanin production When you are young, there is no doubt that Genetics It plays an essential role. If members of your family show gray hair early on, there is a higher chance of passing on the loss of pigmentation genetically.

    Environmental and lifestyle factors influence the fate of hair, fromExposure to free radicals Due to autoimmune diseases, medications such as chemotherapy, smoking, alcohol abuse, pollutants, nutritional deficiencies, and even stress.

    The good news is that Lifestyle Choices they can help Delays the appearance of graying Improving general health. Let’s see some good habits to adopt.

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    1) Manage your stress level

    Whether that means doing cardio to burn anger, meditating, or just practicing deep breathing, stress management It can protect the overall health and hair color.

    Stress and gray hair are linked
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    In a 2021 study conducted by Columbia University Irving Medical CenterResearchers have found that hair color can actually be restored when stress is released.

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    2) Take vitamins

    Premature gray hair could be a sign of this Hair is not getting enough nutrients and metals. By integrating with a vitamins Rich in trace elements can reverse and prevent hair pigmentation loss.

    3) Eat nutritious meals

    Lentils, almonds, asparagus and all dark chocolate rich in copper What the body needs melanin production. It’s also worth putting foods rich in antioxidants like berries, fish and green leafy vegetables in your shopping cart, which can help prevent damage from oxidative stress. In this regard, a 2020 study conducted in India found an association between antioxidant imbalance and early appearance of gray hair.

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