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Are Steelers fixed? Will the Cowboys win in NFC East? Judging NFL excesses at Week 16

  Are Steelers fixed?  Will the Cowboys win in NFC East?  Judging NFL excesses at Week 16

Pittsburgh – You can watch half an exciting game from one football game and it can convince you that everything you saw in the last month was wrong. This is what we do as observers in the NFL. It’s the lifeblood of your weekly reaction column.

Example: Steelers finished. I mean, it’s over. They looked like they were over the whole month of December, especially when they lost to the Bengals last Monday and bypassed Sunday afternoon when they were late in the colts 24-7 late in the third quarter and were unable to reach the finish area on four successive attempts from the inside of the 2-yard streak. . They didn’t have a running game. Ben Rothlesberger He was making a terrible throw after a terrible throw. Done with a capital “D” and those rhymes with “E” which means “early exit from the final match”.

After that, they were not.

After the Colts’ goal line stance, the Steelers’ defense hardened and forced a kick, which the Steelers brought back into the Colts’ 39-yard streak. And in the next play, he found Rothlisberger Deontay Johnson With Picasso out of nowhere for a throw-down throw, he cut the lead to 10 points.

Key flipped. Suddenly, the Colts couldn’t do anything in the attack, and the Steelers, who only climbed 95 yards into the first sleeper half, were not stopped. Roethlisberger threw the touchdown passes to Eric Ebron And the Jojo Smith Shuster In the fourth quarter, Pittsburgh returned to a 28-24 win, claiming their first North Asia title in three years.

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When it was over, Smith Shuster came to be interviewed after the match and explained to us that Rothlisberger had given a speech between the halves in which he told the team that it didn’t look like they were having fun. So, they came out the second half and had a set of them.

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