Are PS4 and Xbox One versions canceled? Here is Ubisoft’s answer –

     Are PS4 and Xbox One versions canceled?  Here is Ubisoft's answer -

    Yesterday introduced Ubisoft again skull and bonesrevealing a lot of information about the gameplay of the open world of pirates and the release date specified inNovember 8, 2022. However, there are details that are not clear: Will it also be released on PS4 and Xbox One? Let’s try to explain.

    In the information shared at yesterday’s presentation event, in the press release sent by Ubisoft and on the game’s official website, there is no mention in any way of older versions of Skull and Bones, which will be officially available on November 8 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, Stadia, Epic Games, and Ubisoft Connect”.

    In short, it appears that the PS4 and Xbox One versions were canceled during construction, as suggested in recent weeks also by the ESRB and the Brazilian rating board, which ranked only Skull and Bones for current-generation platforms, thus excluding PS4 and Xbox One.

    skull and bones
    skull and bones

    But in our country Exclusive interview with Ryan BarnardThe game director is clearly talking to us about the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Skull and Bones. When he was asked: Do we see it also on the old generation? replied:

    “It is backward compatible, but we are focusing on current generation platforms […] So if you use a computer […] Or a last-generation console that won’t have the performance you’d obviously get with hardware with extreme specs.”

    Practically speaking, Barnard, while acknowledging understandable technical compromises, clearly alluded to that skull and bones Also works on PS4 and Xbox One.

    To clarify, we called Ubisoft Italy, which confirmed that Skull and Bones will be available exclusively on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S and Live Streaming (Google Stadia and Amazon Luna).

    Therefore, the game will not be released on PS4 and Xbox One, with the older generation versions apparently being set aside while the developers worked to focus on current generation platforms.

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