Arcomagno Beach, Calabrian Sea also enchants Australia

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    Majestic rocky arch, beautiful turquoise sea, but above all, sunsets that leave you speechless: Arcomagno Beach in San Nicola Arcella, in the province of Cosenza, Along the Riviera dei Cedri, it’s a little corner of paradise. And from the highly suggestive photos posted on social networks, the reason for this is also clear. Here is where it is and how to get there

    Arcomagno . Beach

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    There is a scenography Wild Beach In southern Italy, which, in recent weeks, has ended up on social media and information portals on the other side of the world: in Australia. With more than enthusiastic comments. We are in Calabria, more precisely along Rice Riviera, in the small town of San Nicolas Arcela. Hidden here is a sandy, pebbly and pebbly beach of less than 30 meters surrounded by boulders, cliffs and Wrapped in clear water. We are talking about Arcomagno Beach, also known as Enea Beach.

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    Arcomagno Beach: the best time is at sunset

    Arcomagno Beach is crescent-shaped and gets its name from the presence of a large rocky arch that “protects” it from the sea. The scene becomes even more suggestive thanks to the Grotta del Saraceno, which is right next door: a cavity carved over the centuries by the erosive activity of the sea and which houses a source of fresh water within. This small bay becomes especially magical at sunset when the sun’s rays pass through the enclosed passage between the rocks and reflect on the water.

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    Arcomagno Beach: how to get there

    Arcomagno Beach is located in San Nicolas Arcela, in the province of Cosenza, along the western coast of Calabria, between the cities of Praia Marie and Scalia. It has no services and can be reached either by sea (from nearby beaches, by boat, or by renting a pedal boat) or on foot (along a short but somewhat steep path) after leaving the car in Marinella.

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