Architectural Barriers Bonus 75%: What You Need to Know

    Architectural Barriers Bonus 75%: What You Need to Know

    The award for architectural barriers of 75% has been extended under the 2023 Budget Law to 2025. This consists of a rebate given for expenses related to interventions aimed at removing architectural barriers.


    the Bonus architectural barriers It includes several interventions and both women and men can benefit from it normal peopleboth of them Public and private law, precisely because it aims to achieve interventions in as many buildings as possible. This bonus, I was born with Budget Law 2022extended by Budget Law 2023 until the 2025.

    Strictly speaking of an opponent born last year, we now see him appear only in forms Enterwhere the expenses incurred during the course must be declared Tax period 2022. So let’s go and see how it works together and everything you need to know about this bonus.

    Architectural Barriers Bonus 75%: How They Work


    with the Architectural Barriers bonus of 75% All kinds of targeted interventionsBreak down barriers. One needs to prove that the business is in line with requirements required, such as:

    • Accessibility;
    • Adaptability.
    • Easy access to buildings.

    The only condition is that the premises must be previously existed.

    Who can benefit?

    Businessman checking documents on table min

    Let’s now take a look at the people who can benefit from the aforementioned bonus. They can receive benefits:

    • natural persons;
    • public and private entities that do not engage in commercial activities;
    • Simple comp
    • professional associations;
    • All individuals who earn business income.

    Barriers bonus 75%: how much it corresponds to

    Banknotes, money, euros

    This facility provides Many privileges, equaling 75%, accrued on accrued expenses. It must have been achieved before From January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2025.

    The maximum spend to which the 75% percentage should apply varies. varies by Property Type. The limits are:

    • 50,000 euros, if we talk about it Single-family buildings and for individual real estate units located within multi-family buildings;
    • 40,000 euros in case Buildings consisting of 2 to 8 real estate units;
    • €30,000 for residential buildings of 9 units onwards. We specify that the maximum amount of 30,000 euros is considered from the ninth unit and above.

    It does not distinguish between the units used LivingAnd commercial or others. You can benefit through outagewith the credit divided into 5 equal installments for a period of 5 years.

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