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Architect Vale: “That mural should be wiped off the facade of Gino’s parents’ building.”

Architect Vale:

Controversy over the facade of one of the buildings of Pole Psychology in Padua, in Viale Venezia: «Architecture is not background, it is not neutral. The work done is not ugly, but it is insufficient.”

Padua. If the business on the Venice Route is temporary, no problem. Otherwise, it must be deleted. We are ready to find an agreement, perhaps to reproduce a mural on a Czech wall inside the square.”

Engineer Pietro Valle, son of GinoToday, at the head of the prestigious studio of architects in Udine and Milan, he is ready to open every door to dialogue, but has no doubts about the fact that Nero’s work should not be on the facade of the complex that he designed.

Engineer Gino Valley فال

“We have cooperated with the University of Padua for more than 20 years,” he continues, “it was Gino’s father who initiated this collaboration and the last intervention – the conference room inside the Via Venezia center – we meticulously complete these days. I admit that with such a long-term relationship, we were surprised that we were not warned about this initiative. I heard about the mural from an architect friend with a message. I immediately contacted the development and construction office, but it seems that I realized that the decision did not pass them because it had the direct support of the directorate ».

“I am sure we will make it clear,” adds the architect, “after all we are not against integrating our work with art. On the contrary, evidence of this is the sculptures of Antonio Evolilla, which were transported from the station to a center via Venezia in cooperation with us.”

And we get to the heart of the matter: the image.

“The Paduan University Center – confirms professionalism – has image value, for us as a studio and for the university itself. That the latter does not realize that the building is not just a back wall, it is not a trifle. No scandal, we will understand together what to do ».

But the suggestion, with or without dialogue, remains to suppress the action: “The wall must be restoredVale reassured us so we can plan the mural on another wall. What amazes me is that street art is not an integration of complete architecture, but the reappropriation of degraded and abandoned places. In Via Venezia there was no need to redevelop anything: it is four buildings with the same colors, the same materials and the same architectural philosophy.. We are talking about a major at the university, which includes a psychology, a language center, a room with 520 seats and a total cost – 35 million euros. Architecture is neither background nor neutral. The work done is not ugly, but it is not enough.”

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