Arceus, a trailer dedicated to the Hisui area –

    Arceus, a trailer dedicated to the Hisui area -

    Nintendo released a file new trailer From Pokemon Legends: Arceus To clarify Hisui . District, where the adventure will be placed. It is a very diverse area, dominated by a large active volcano in the central part, as can be seen from the map presented in the video.

    The player will then find themselves exploring a series of different biomes, where Pokémon are free, happy, and ready to be caught. For example, the video shows a beach where the snowy area serves as a counterpoint, and thus a landscape with strong autumn colors. In short, the variety should be a lot, as well as situations in which the player will find himself looking for Pokemon.

    The movie also shows some files Game mechanics, such as capturing Pokemon or collecting items. Everything has one goal: to collect the first Pokédex in history.

    Before we leave you with such beauty that you find on top of the news, we remind you that Pokémon Legends: Arceus is an exclusive title for Nintendo Switch Coming soon: It will actually be available from January 28, 2022, in just over two weeks.

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