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    After Apple, Patagonia has also committed to paying its employees travel, accommodations and procedures in the event they have to go to another country to undergo an abortion after the landmark US Supreme Court ruling. Bloomberg reports. The American company also confirmed that it will pay bail for all of its employees who must be arrested by peacefully protesting against abortion.

    Meta, owner of Facebook and Instagram, announced that it will reimburse travel expenses, “to the extent permitted by law, for employees who need to access health and reproductive services in another state.”

    Disney has also assured its employees that it will pay for the costs if it is necessary for them to move to another state to undergo an abortion. CNN reported that it was citing a spokesperson for the entertainment giant. Warner Bros. announced. Discovery, owner of CNN, said it has expanded its health coverage program to provide its employees with access to health services across the country. “In light of the Supreme Court’s decision, we have immediately expanded our healthcare options to cover transportation costs for employees and their family members who need to travel to access abortion and other reproductive care,” the company said in a note.

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