Apple has discovered an annoying bug in iOS 16: Desperate Users


    A serious error has been detected on iPhones that received the iOS 16 update. Here’s how to bypass the issue while waiting for an update from Apple

    Lots of customization and additions worthy of note, but also insignificant distortion affecting the last version iOS 16.

    Apple iOS 16 . bug
    iPhone (AdobeStock)

    There is a bug that is bothering Apple users who have updated their iPhone to the new update distributed by Cupertino company in recent days. Above all because it includes an overall central application in everyday use: Apple Mailwhich is the default app to consult your inbox directly from your smartphone.

    According to what a VPN company has discovered, two simple codes will be enough to send it all Collide Application. With consequences are only secondary. To solve the problem, in fact, it will be necessary to delete the program from your iPhone and use some “tricks” that may involve different devices, with the aim of removing the “offensive” email.

    The error will only appear once the iPhone has been updated to the new iOS 16, so the relationship between the bug — definitely annoying — and the new version distributed by Apple is clear.

    Apple Mail Error on iOS 16: How to Fix

    Apple iOS 16 . bug
    Apple (AdobeStock)

    But what is more accurate? According to what was reconstructed from the source, there will be distortion inside mail app. Basically, you just have to enter 2 quotes (eg “” in the message sender field (hence, the form”From”) to make the program completely unusable.

    It is difficult to understand the cause and nature of the error, but we are sure that Apple is already rolling out an update to eliminate the bug.

    Anyone who receives email of this type will have to deal with severe software slowdowns Apple Mail, making it impossible to use. Unless you’ve deleted the app, proceed with manual deletion of the “offensive” email using, say, your computer and reinstall Apple Mail.

    At this point we are waiting for an imminent fix from the Cupertino company.

    New update iOS 16 It has been a reality for several days now and has brought many additions and improvements, including a completely revised lock screen thanks to the inclusion of widgets as well as the battery percentage (except for the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, two iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 13 Mini).

    apple In the meantime, it’s working on a new beta version of iOS which, in addition to fixing some bugs, will have the advantage of extending battery percentage on devices that are currently broken.

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