Home Technology Apple and Google in Talks for Bringing Generative A.I. to iPhones

Apple and Google in Talks for Bringing Generative A.I. to iPhones

Apple and Google in Talks for Bringing Generative A.I. to iPhones

Apple in Talks with Google to Use Artificial Intelligence Model for Next iPhone

In a move that could potentially revolutionize the capabilities of the next iPhone, Apple is reportedly in discussions with Google to use the search giant’s generative artificial intelligence model, Gemini. The talks, which are said to be in the preliminary stages, could mark a significant step forward in the world of A.I. technology.

While the exact scope of the potential deal has not been defined, Apple has also been in talks with other A.I. companies to harness the power of a large language model capable of analyzing vast amounts of data and generating text on its own. Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook, has promised investors that the company will introduce new generative A.I. capabilities this year.

Samsung and Google’s latest devices already utilize Gemini for tasks such as video editing and audio summarization. If a deal is reached between Apple and Google, it would extend one of technology’s most enduring partnerships. Google has been a crucial contributor to the success of the iPhone since its introduction in 2007, with Google Maps and the Safari browser being prime examples of Google’s contributions to the device’s popularity.

Both Apple and Google have declined to comment on the discussions. However, it is known that Google pays Apple more than $18 billion annually to be the default search engine on the iPhone’s Safari browser. This potential collaboration between the two tech giants could pave the way for groundbreaking advancements in A.I. technology and further solidify their longstanding partnership.

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