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App activated on August 10 with 4K support, 3D audio and DualSense – Nerd4.life

App activated on August 10 with 4K support, 3D audio and DualSense - Nerd4.life

question for abandoned, especially with regard toa program specially designed for the game, which now contains a file lunch date accurate and constant for August 10, as well as some more specific features.

The Information Coming straight from Blue Box, the development team that recently came into the spotlight for a somewhat strange story that still surrounds its mysterious game: there is indeed a strange theory that abandonment is in fact a screen for another project, which could be the new Hideo Silent Hill in Kojima.

Although this theory has been debunked by various sources, many of them still stand mystery Regarding the abandoned, starting with this odd app that has to work to see sponsored videos and multimedia content related to the game, in an initiative that PS5 games don’t usually use, even less that has to come from small independent teams like this.

In any case, Blue Box was very clear on this message, unlike what happened previously: “The abandoned trailer app will be made available in free preload on July 29 for PS5 users, with the introduction available on August 10 followed by a tag First Trailer Later During August,” the team wrote on Twitter.

Abandoned app should allow you to watch trailers in . format 4K e 60fps In “real time” also exploit با3D Audio and DualSense Features, indicating a certain degree of interaction. So the app can be downloaded from the end of July, while the intro will be available from August 10, but the first real trailer for Abandoned is only set to air in late August, still without a release date after the delay announced in the days Last.

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