Annuities, May voucher payment dates

    Annuities, May voucher payment dates

    There are already many retirees busy counting down to when they will receive their May 2023 coupon. Warning: the dates aren’t the same for everyone, and as predicted in the last post, an increase is on the way. Let’s explain

    The month of April 2023 has already begun, and for those who usually get their hands on the point of checking their family’s financial statements, the countdown has begun as far as sending pension voucher a month ago May 2023.

    When will the pension slip for May 2023 arrive (

    This also in the face News announced by INPS Circular No. 35 issued a few days ago on April 3 includes interesting details about the amounts due. So we get into the benefits by indicating the payment dates, differentiated on a basis to the initials of surnames.

    Pension voucher May 2023: what will be the amounts

    The “official” details will be indicated around April 20, but it is now possible to calculate both the amounts and the supposed release dates of the voucher; Also check any of them retirees, In May, increases will begin. Well, the beneficiaries will be the minimum pension in particular, which should go from 563, an amount that’s already been revalued to 7.3%, to 572 euros. While retirees over the age of 75 will receive a voucher of 600 euros.

    Pension check May 2023: calendar divided by last name (

    Circular It also refers to amounts other than 500 euros showing that anyone who, for example, receives a check of 300 euros or much less than the minimum, will get an increase of 4.5 euros per month which will become 19.20 euros per month if they are over 75 years old. As you specify it increases Effective from January 1st to December 31st, 2023 which will be paid with all arrears. Moreover, the increase will be twofold because further revaluations are expected to start from January 1, 2024.

    regarding payment dates, The calendar must take into account the fact that May 1st will be Labor Day, therefore, the first day of depositing beneficiaries’ checking accounts will be postponed to May 2nd. Pension checks Or go to the post office to collect the check. In particular, May 2 is the retirement date for retirees whose surnames begin with the letters A and B.

    For the letters C and D We move to Wednesday, May 3; E to K Instead, check will be drawn from Thursday 4th May; May 5 will be reserved for the letters LO and again May 6 for P to R titles while May 8 for S to Z. All pension vouchers can be checked by accessing the personal area on the INPS website.

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