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Android spyware masquerades as system updates

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for every Google Android security always comes first, which is why Google Play Protection It is constantly updated to better and faster identify new threats that may end up Play Store Disguised as apps. Unfortunately, however, there are often very few users who are used to this To install Applications from unknown sources, And the latest discovery by a team Zimbrium He. She confirmation In clear letters.

Spyware disguised as an update

The security team discovered one of them Very dangerous spyware able to Masquerading as a system update To steal an extremely infinite amount of personal data. Once installed, the spyware “hides” itself from the user’s view and begins gathering a large amount of information such as private messages, contact list, device information, web browser bookmarks, and history, but it can also record phone calls and ambient audio.

Android system spyware update zimperium

It is without a doubt one of the most advanced ones ever“, pointing to Shindar Metal About spyware. “I think a lot of time and effort has been spent developing this app. We think there are other apps like this and are trying our best to find them as soon as possible. “

Fortunately, Zimperium’s CEO assured that the spyware in question has never passed through the Google Play Store, ensuring that it affects more users. As always, we advise you not to install apps from outside, especially from sites whose reliability you do not know.

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