Home science An original way to prevent the plague: farts in a jar

An original way to prevent the plague: farts in a jar

An original way to prevent the plague: farts in a jar

during the outbreak over the bubbles that spread to England between 1665 and 1666, some doctors recommended it to their patients fart inside private tractor To prevent disease infection.

The amazing reasoning behind this method of prevention lay in the belief at the time that the plague was a swamp, a kind of deadly “ether” It spreads through breathing in the atmosphere. In this regard, the same doctors postulated that by diluting infected air with something equally “strong”, farts could actually Reduce the probability to get infected. So the advice was to bring foul-smelling jars to be inhaled in case exposure to the deadly plague spores was suspected.

Although there is no data regarding the people saved by this medium, it is reasonable to assume that the data is complete StupidHowever, canned farts may serve as a kind of phantom methane, relieving the frayed nerves of residents who saw piles of corpses piled up in the streets. But at that time, many original “tricks” were used to counter the spread from infection, for example, infect homes stink of goats, or the use of frog vomit, as mentioned in a Our previous article.

Our doctors today claim that flatulence is synonymous with Excellent bacterial plants, and thus of physical well-being.

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