Home sport An Italian disappointment at the rally, waiting for the cycling Letizia Paternoster....

An Italian disappointment at the rally, waiting for the cycling Letizia Paternoster. In the afternoon, the 4 x 100 relay with the Azzurri in the final – Sport

  An Italian disappointment at the rally, waiting for the cycling Letizia Paternoster.  In the afternoon, the 4 x 100 relay with the Azzurri in the final - Sport

Tokyo. The 50KM Walking Race Opened the Japanese Olympic Day in the MorningAnd The day the Hiroshima tragedy is remembered by the controversy over the missed minute of silence at the Games, by the selection of the International Olympic Committee and the Organizing Committee.

It will also be the day of cyclist Trentino Leticia Paternoster, who took to the track this morning, at 10.15, with Cuneo’s Elisa Balsamo in the Madison test, which includes a sprint every 10 of the 120 laps (30km in total).

At 15.50, the final wait for the relay 4×100 Which sees the blue quartet, led by gold at 100 Marcel Jacobs, with Bata, Desalo and Tortue, in the race for a medal.

In Sapporo the pole won the rally David Tomala, specialist 20 km Not so long ago, he moved to the farthest distance: the choice paid off and now at home they hope that the heir to the great Robert Korzeniowski will become the absolute legend of this specialty in athletics. For him it would be like winning again.

Bad for the Italians, with Agrosti 23, De Luca and Caporaso withdrawing.

Spaniard Jesus Angel Garcia participated in the 50 km race, which at the age of 51 became the oldest participant in the Olympic athletics competition. The 1993 world champion also set another record, participating in eight editions of the Games, a record he shared so far in his sport, at the age of seven, with Merlin Otti.

In Fighting Blue Abraham Conedo Ruano (He too, like Chamizu, a naturalized Cuban) moved to the quarter-finals of the Tokyo 2020 Championships, after defeating Romanian Albert Saritov 6-1 in the round of 16, but lost to American Kyle Frederick Snyder and is now hoping to return.

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Abroad, however, in Men’s kata, karate specialty (it’s against a fictitious competitor), Mattia Busato bluewho failed to qualify for the second stage.

Finally, the doping issueOn the day of the Olympic semi-final against South Korea (Tokyo 9pm), the Brazilian women’s volleyball player sent Tandara home, for “violating the rules”, without providing further explanation except that the test took place in July. 7, when the Seleção was still at home.

Instead, credits were withdrawn for two Belarusian coaches involved in the sprinter Kristina Tsimanskaya case. who was granted political asylum in Poland after being convicted of attempted refoulement.

In the volleyball final, minus one was determined. With a clear victory in the first semi-final against Serbia (punishing bad Italy), the United States won qualification for the final of the women’s volleyball tournament in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The Americans concluded the match in three sets to zero (25 -19, 25-15, 25-23) and waiting Now the winner of the match between Brazil and South Korea, scheduled for 21 Japanese (in Italian 14).

In the realm of men, it was France that easily got rid of those who wiped out the disappointing ItalyWho beat Argentina 3-0 and goes to the final with Russia: the gold match tomorrow, Saturday 7 August, at 14.15 in Italy, versus bronze between Brazil and Argentina at 6.30.

Same showdown, same end result: as in women’s volleyballEven in women’s basketball, the Americans easily won the semi-finals between the United States and Serbia. In the Saitama Super Arena, the stars and the five-stripes won 79-59 at the end of a match that dominated from the first minute to the last minute.

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In the second semi-final, scheduled for 20 Japanese (in 13 Italy), Japan and France will compete. From Los Angeles 1984 to Rio 2016, in the women’s basketball tournament, the United States won eight of the nine gold medals, with the exception of Barcelona 1992, when the CIS team won the former Soviet Union. As expected, the United States led both basketball teams to the final: in the men’s championship tomorrow, at 11.30, the Japanese (4.30 Italian) Kevin Durant and his teammates will play the gold medal against France. In the final for the bronze (Italy 13) Slovenia vs Australia.

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