An Indian student who wants to clean up the UK… is running

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    Twenty-six-year-old Vivek Gurav is a warrior – blotting is a sport that consists of jogging but stopping to pick up rubbish in the street – and he’s decided to clean up rubbish from major British cities with other athletes.

    Clean up 30 British cities in 30 days… Management. It is one’s goal student Indian who decided to make his passion puberty and theenvironment real mission.

    The bloating It is a new sport created in 2017 by a Swedish athlete Eric Ahlstrom Which owes its name to the fusion between the English “jogging” (to run) and the Swedish “plocka upp”, meaning to gather. It consists of stopping to collect hangover whom they meet on the street during their jogging session. A sport that was at the heart of the just completed Tour of Italy.

    A carer who wants to clean up the UK from rubbish

    The protagonist of this story is called Vivek Gaurav, A 26-year-old Indian national who came to Bristol last year to pursue a master’s degree in environmental policy and management.

    Young Vivek’s academic interest in the environment has always been accompanied by a passion for the first ecosport in history. in a city Pune It was he who created the first group of bloating Who wandered around to pick up the trash left here and there.

    Now he wants to do the same in Bristol, where he studies, and 29 other cities in the UK. Traveled for the past four years 675 km blogging. Just in the past year since arriving at the Bristol collection 5 tons of waste.

    The goal is 30 cities in 30 days

    His activism has made the UK tours so much that last month he was invited by the Prime Minister himself, Rishi Sunak Whoever wants to praise him and hear his story.

    Prime Minister’s interest BBC To which he dedicated his service in the program “The One Show He has made plundering known to half the UK and many are now so young that they will join him in one Conspiracy for 30 days which will touch the major cities of the country between cuDerby, Nottingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Leicester, Birmingham And the Worcester.

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