An illuminated grille tells pedestrians when it is safe to cross

    An illuminated grille tells pedestrians when it is safe to cross

    As ADAS systems gradually gain a greater presence in everyday driving, Automakers need to find a way for vehicles to communicate effectively with pedestrians and other road users. in this context , Skoda has developed an illuminated grille concept for the Enyaq iV, Pedestrian view Whether or not it is safe to cross the street In front of the car that is about to pass shortly thereafter.

    How does the Skoda network work?

    Illuminated panel with programmable LED strip holders occupies the same space as the Enyaq iV’s optional Crystal Face grille. When the electric vehicle approaches a crosswalk, it displays an animated graphics, letting people know it is aware of their presence near the road. Next, the Enyaq iV slows down The grid displays a walking figure along with green arrows so pedestrians know it’s the right time to cross street.

    When the car is ready to go, the grille turns to a red background with warning triangles to warn pedestrians of passing in front of the car. The same thing will happen in the unlikely scenario where the moving vehicle cannot stop at the pedestrian crossing. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like this, as similar systems have been used in autonomous vehicle prototypes from several other automakers.

    When the grid background is red, it is the pawn "a guest" Do not cross in front of a passing vehicle
    When the background of the grid is red, the rajah is “advised” not to cross in front of the passing vehicle

    The illuminated grille is still in the concept stage, so it has not yet been shown on production cars. Skoda believes that this type of technology can help reduce the number of road injuries, which are always high as a result of misunderstandings with other road users.

    The project is part of a larger pilot program in the UK. A very similar system is the IPA2X robot rover, which is designed to help children, the elderly and people with disabilities cross the road. Like an illuminated grille, the automated assistant shows people when it’s safe to cross the street. It was developed by the Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics of the Czech Technical University in Prague (CIIRC), Technical University of Munich and Skoda.


    IPA2X: The bot that helps people cross over

    This robot called IPA2X helps people cross the street. Equipped with sensors and a camera to communicate with nearby motorists by alerting them to the presence of pedestrian crossing. This project started in January 2022 and ran for 12 months. It involved many partners including two European universities (Munich and Prague), three cities (Milan, Modena, Italy and then Ljubljana) and various companies as previously expected.

    IPA2X has the task of warning of the presence of the elderly, children and disabled people but also of obstacles along the road or on the sidewalks. At the same time, it notifies the driver of vehicles equipped with a system capable of communicating with the rover about the presence of pedestrians near pedestrian crossings. So the speed of the vehicles will slow down. At this point, once it is certain that the vehicle will slow down, IPA2X will give everything to the pedestrian.

    During the tests in Italy, the local police checked that everything happened to be safe. In both Italian cities, IPA2x was previously used for educational courses on road safety. The aim was to identify the most dangerous areas children perceive when crossing pedestrian crossings Participate in the design and visualization of the functionality of this robot.

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