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An auction for fitness enthusiasts

An auction for fitness enthusiasts

LUGANO – It is more than just an enticing opportunity for fitness enthusiasts and also for those who want to pack equipment in their gym.

In fact, dozens of equipment will be auctioned on June 2 at the sports office on Francisco Chiesa Street, 4 in Bellinzona.

The machines are so many that they have been divided into 25 pieces. There is something to suit all tastes: from benches to exercise bikes, to the classic tools that can be found in the gym for strength development and cardiovascular workouts. the origin? Various schools in the canton, from high school in Bellinzona to those in Locarno and Lugano. But also from ICEB, CPC, and CPT.

For each plot – the canton’s page reads on executions and bankruptcies – only one inspection is expected. All handling costs and any disassembly, assembly, packing, transportation / removal and insurance costs are charged to the winning bidder. The awarded lottery must be drawn – and expired – in full (no partial drawing is allowed).

In compliance with the provisions regarding hygiene and social distancing in effect during the COVID-19 pandemic, during the auction, it is necessary to use the mask and comply with all instructions and directives issued by the staff, under penalty of immediate exclusion of the participant.

In particular, it is expected that personal data (name, full address, phone number, identification document) be collected (one person per bidder) by e-mail [email protected] by 28.05.2021 by letter with the subject “Auction Fitness equipment “; Refusal to submit this data will result in disqualification from the auction.

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