An agreement between Brazil and China to conduct trade without using the dollar. This step upset Washington

    An agreement between Brazil and China to conduct trade without using the dollar.  This step upset Washington

    The relationship between the great Asian predator of Brazilian goods deteriorated during the Bolsonaro government, which closely followed the policy of the former Republican president of the United States. Donald Trump Then repeated in practice by the democratic successor Joe Biden. With Lula back in charge of the country, Brazilian diplomacy begins a new path that can happen It has unpredictable consequences. Although Lula and the huge Brazilian political business delegation that followed him did I had to postpone the long-awaited trip to China Because of the pneumonia that struck the Brazilian president on the eve of his departure, the effective relay of the Brazilian government and businessmen continued their trip to Beijing anyway. here It was announced on March 29 that Brazilian exporters would no longer need to use dollarsto conduct their business dealings with China.

    In a joint statement, the two countries announced the establishment “clearing house”It is a banking institution that allows balancing credits and deductions between the two countries. Without going through the dollars either Use it fastthe abbreviation of the worldwide interbank financial community, which has more than 11,600 banks worldwide. The trade stratagem between the two countries would allow companies, but also their governments, to do so Saving billions of riyals and yuan that they would spend to pay foreign exchange transactions that contribute to US currency support In the world. This is exactly what he fears Washingtonbut also a Europe which, on the basis of the Bretton Woods agreements, Use the dollar as a reserve currency.

    The entry of Brazil into the clearinghouse worries the US, because it could happen Strengthening both China and Russia, whose countries are trying to implement trade mechanisms that exclude the dollar as a form of payment. This attempt will reduce America’s economic and political influence around the world. Escape from the dollara monetary tactic now being adopted by other countries in the world, that would contribute to Evading economic sanctions promoted by Washington Not only against Russia, but also against other countries like Cuba. Brazil received nearly half of Chinese investment in Latin America between 2007 and 2020, or more. $70 billion, according to the Brazilian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce. former president of brazil, Dilma Rousseffto live in Shanghai, to lead the BRICS bank whose portfolio will allow them to invest, also in Brazil, where Lula is fighting a battle with Roberto CamposPresident of the Central Bank of Brazil (appointed by former President Bolsonaro Mr. Dr), which is opposed Reduce the cost of money.

    In recent years, such as the growth of BRICS member countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) 65% of global GDP expansion. At purchasing power parity, the organization’s GDP exceeds that of the United States or the European Union. Biden’s concern about the rapprochement between Brazil with ChinaIt increased when, one day after announcing the new trade agreements, Lula decided to Do not sign the closing statement of the Democracy Summitan event specifically promoted by Democratic President Biden, since the Brazilian administration does not agree with the kind of attention given to the conflict in Ukraine and the summit’s “use” to condemn Russia.

    According to reports from a Brazilian newspaper Oh Globe The Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is considering appropriate ranges To address the ongoing conflict It is the General Assembly and the Security Council of the United Nations. In a message that Lula sent to the summit, the president stated this “Apologetics of Democracy”. It cannot be used to erect walls or create divisions.” Brazilian President, one of the few political leaders to speak Peace in the world, is the mouthpiece of “Pax” in Ukraine promoted by countries not involved in the conflict. In Washington, during Lula’s visit, It lasts less than 48 hours (The event will run in China for five days with great fanfare, Mr. Dr), President Biden obtained a joint statement of condemnation from his Brazilian counterpart, against the Russian military invasion in the neighboring country.

    It has also been reiterated at the United Nations, but Brazil has specified that it opposes unilateral measures, such as sanctions and arms shipments, as well as its opposition to expelling Moscow from international organizations. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, Mauro VieiraHe said in an interview with the newspaper Estadao That the “Lula Doctrine” in foreign policy, in his third presidential term, will be based on a “Restore Brazil’s image” In the world and “with this, the country will resume its diplomatic traditions of dialogue with all kinds of interlocutors, regardless of political orientations.”

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