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Americans in Genoa: The municipality is now considering a Genoa trip to Miami

Americans in Genoa: The municipality is now considering a Genoa trip to Miami

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by Matteo Angeli

Two international cruise magnates will join. The 777 Fund, based in Miami, has purchased 24 Boeing 737-8 Max aircraft

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It is clear that the arrival of the US 777 fund in Genoa opens up scenarios that were unimaginable until a few weeks ago. While fans of Grifone daydreams, there is a great deal of curiosity in the city to understand what the group’s next moves will be in terms of investments in the area. Why, it is useless to go around it, if they reach Genoa it is because They saw job opportunities And not just with football.

777 Partners is a private equity firm founded in 2015 by Stephen Pascoe and Josh Wonder, as a result of management’s acquisition of SuttonPark Capital from PennantPark, which invests with a particular focus on financial services. 777 Partners offers a portfolio of 49 companies, among which many names directly related to the sports field stand out, such as Media 1190 Sports and Fanatiz, the women’s football promotion company Ata Football or the main basketball club in the capital of the United Kingdom, the Lions of London. assets in the portfolio about 3 billion dollarsI, with the fund that has the most 600 employees.
At the heart of it all is the aviation sector: it is no coincidence that the headquarters is on the 19th floor of 66 Brickell, Miami skyscraper It is famous for being the home of airlines. The fund recently bought 24 Boeing 737-8 Max jets (with another 60 already booked), with a strategy of selling leased planes to airlines, especially low-cost carriers.

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And the possibility of opening a bridge between the Ligurian capital and the United States is seriously considered Genoa municipality. In fact, the offices have already been operating for a few months to open the way Genova New York But now there is also a suggestive hypothesis of Genoa-Miami, among other things, two navigating poles of the absolute plane.
For a few days the idea has been taking shape, who knows if something isn’t really moving. Probably with the support of the Americans…

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