American mass surveillance of allies is renewing widespread discontent

    American mass surveillance of allies is renewing widespread discontent

    The New York Times: Collective American Censorship of Allies Renewed Widespread Discontent

    2023-04-17 10:54:24

    The New York Times published an article on April 13 stating that the United States’ mass surveillance of allies had once again aroused widespread discontent and alarm. According to the article, recently leaked classified documents of the US Department of Defense revealed the country’s espionage operations around the world; Large numbers of US intelligence personnel are stationed and gather intelligence in “friendly countries” of the US, including Germany, Egypt, South Korea, Ukraine, and the United Arab Emirates.

    This American behavior aroused dissatisfaction in the observed countries: thousands of people in Berlin took to the streets to protest, France urgently recalled the American ambassador, while Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva canceled his planned visit to the United States. States. Citing international political scientist Charles A. Kupchan, the article says that since Edward Snowden’s 2013 disclosure of the “Prism Gate”, US surveillance of allies has become “old” news that everyone knows about. The Pew Research Center conducted a survey of 44 countries around the world, and found that more than 73% of respondents oppose US Secret Surveillance.

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