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Ambush against me IRA Minister for veto recovery- Corriere.it

Ambush against me IRA Minister for veto recovery- Corriere.it

Minister Roberto Cingolani tested it as an ambush for the M5S-Pd axis and many in the government fear it doesn’t end there. Two days ago at the Chamber’s Environment and Constitutional Affairs committees, the Executive was hit by the Recovery Ordinance, which contains NRP governance and simplification and is necessary to get the first 24 billion aid from Europe. The two majority forces, the Movement and the Democratic Party, were sent under the government, which passed an amendment despite the contrary opinion of the rapporteur and the government, in the person of Minister Federico de Inca (M5S).

The blitzkrieg is another “Star Wars” episode between the government and the Kuntian Pavilion and a taste of what’s to come about Justice Reform, another 5-star identity theme. On the merits, the amendment signed by Ferraresi and Zolezzi allows Parliament to halt the approval process for strategic works (listed in Annex I-bis) for which simplified contracts and a specific commission are envisaged: two-thirds of the members of the commission ask Environmental Transition to review decisions on maximum business. The ministry can issue a decree, but “with the opinion of the competent authorities.”

The story, seemingly simple, is actually revealing. Parliament wrests a piece of the power to control the National Natural Resources Program from the government, titled environmental projects needed for the objectives of the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan. But below there is more and the question is all political. The adjustment to the dispute came as a surprise, after Cingolani debated hundreds of them in pursuit of an agreement with parliamentarians. In government, the stumble was read as a sign of the tensions between the 5-star self-proclaimed government wing of Beppe Grillo and the nearby “barricaderi” of Giuseppe Conte. What worries the executive is that the Five Stars have found Democratic Party support to curb the PNRR, a critical and priority dossier in which Democratic Secretary Enrico Letta confirmed his full loyalty to Draghi just four days ago.

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Now for Singolani, determined to “reject ideological clash and veto power,” the implementation of the plan is in jeopardy. Since the Minister believed that the amendment exposed a serious problem, they heard him say that under the circumstances, his tenure in the government was meaningless. Tensions with the Five Stars have been going on since the early days of the national unity government. Grillo claimed that the Ministry of Environmental Transformation was a “big success” for the M5S, but opposition among parliamentarians is growing, also because an MP is blowing “the ministry is devouring the environment.” Cingolani has always worked to keep the dialogue open too on behalf of the government, but in the M5S there are those with technical independence who are accustomed to “doing their own things”. Rumor has it in the House of Representatives that Cingolani went yesterday to speak with Grillo, to understand if the impediments against him will continue.

Democrats withdrew and rejected the Conte-Lita Giallorossi axis. Nacirino asserts that the amendment was “small without political consequences” and that the secretary was not aware of it, as it usually happens in “normal parliamentary activity”. For the Democratic Party, the minister’s authority is not affected, because two-thirds of the committee members can only ask him to review the list of activities aimed at fast-track travel. Tension remains with many parliamentarians, both near Conte and beyond. The “ambush” on the committee would have seen Democratic Rep. Chiara Braga, who is close to Dario Franceschini, at work. Many in the government remember the cabinet clash and fiery phone calls from Cingulani’s head of culture, to the silence of the authorities’ approval. But there are also those who remember how, a few days before, Mr. Braga responded harshly to Cingolani, who attacked Nicola Zingaretti for the rubbish of Rome. One of the sources recalls: “And the president of Lazio gets along well with Conte …”. In this climate of hatred and suspicion, the Restoration Ordinance will arrive in the courtroom this week, to be then passed to the Senate (Armour) and converted by July 30.

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