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    Rome – England and France? It has already been played and both won. We’re kidding, of course, but in reality someone has actually entered the field to compete in the eagerly awaited World Quarterfinals From Qatar 2022On stage this evening at 20 At Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor.
    In this unique challenge, the two English teams are not leading Bellingham, Kane, and Foden or the French Griezmann, Mbappe and Jiro. In fact, the British are betting on it Ed Llewellynwhile transalpines depend on Christian Masse: the first isUK Ambassador to Italythe second isAmbassador of France in Italy.

    Facing each other they “disputed” over the witch Challenge the world. Obviously each in their own way but they both share a subtle irony. The double interview was conducted by ukinItaly And the Embassy of France in Italy.

    your favorite sports

    We start talking about sports. “My favorite is pétanque, bowlshe says smiling to Llewellyn in perfect French before revealing his admiration for her Ski. Masse’s response was also sarcastic: “It is cricket! No, I’m kidding, it is football clearly!”.
    Speaking of football, the two ambassadors know who will be playing tonight Qatar? “Obviously,” Ed Llewellyn replies, “England, the inventor of football, will play, and—looking around for an answer—a neighboring country, across the Channel, I remember something… Ah yes, France.”
    “It seems to me that there I am on the one hand World Champion– answered Christian Masset vaguely – and on the other – reflecting biting his lip – I don’t remember … Ah yes, England.


    But in short, how do England and France end up according to the two ambassadors? “I’m sure he will be there Jerrod’s goal it’s a Mbappe goal– says Christian Masset, in our country since 2017 – but I think there will also be one Robot Network. And then we’ll see.” More cautious Ed Llewellyn, only in Italy for 8 months, but still expects success Tre Leon National TeamThe. “2 to 1 for EnglandSays.
    They reveal that they will be watching the match. “I’m going to watch the game at home – reveals Llewellyn – with my family and my French wife…”. “I’ll see him in my office,” Masset explains, “because I want to be surrounded by all my football fanatic friends There will be many of us to watch the game.”
    To put an end to the inevitable nervousness, here’s the help food. There is also a bit of Italy on the list of the French ambassador, but without abandoning its traditions. During the meeting – specifies the French ambassador – we will eat Roman fist And the Camembert. Of course we will drink Italian beer“.
    Instead, the British ambassador is already expected towards Christmas. “we will eat panettonetogether with Italian and English beerLlewellyn reports.


    At some point it even pops up Small Neapolitan horn. The French ambassador proudly shows it: “I take great care of him,” says Masset, while Llewellyn prefers to talk about “a secret, a national secret, even if I could reveal that until today he never had success with football. Hopefully, well.”
    Imperative calls to cheer for their teams. Self “come to england” is Ed Llewellyn’s battle cry, Christian Masset uses a less shrill, but equally decisive, battle cry, Alice Les Blues.
    Rather, it prevails Diplomacyand it could not be otherwise, when they are required to direct an idea to their opponents. “May the best man win”, “May the best man win”The French ambassador to Italy declares, while the United Kingdom’s ambassador to Italy desires “Good luck France, but next time”.

    mutual desires

    What do the two colleagues say to each other? “I respect you very much, Christian, we have been working together for a long time, I really love France and invite you to LondonEd Llewellyn says in French, while Christian Masset quickly replies in English: I like you a lot Ed but I’m sorry, This time he will not return home“.

    Singing to release stress

    Finally, let’s borrow words Ludwig van Beethoven (German, so we don’t mistake any of the ambassadors): “Music is an inspiration– said the great composer, pianist and conductor- Higher than any wisdom and any philosophy.. Ed Llewellyn and Christian Masset use music to reveal their funnier side when they sing, in a very serious way, the first verses of their national anthem, ‘God save the Queen’ And the “Marseille”.
    So the ball started in the middle, England and France already!

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