Amazon Prime Video Make this upgrade and watch hundreds of new movies for free The new service is destroying Netflix

    Amazon Prime Video Make this upgrade and watch hundreds of new movies for free The new service is destroying Netflix
    Main Video Channels (Web) –

    Prime Video, if it didn’t exist, they would have to invent it: it’s what all the users who habitually use the platform think.

    There are many filmTV series, documentaries. And we must say that they are all really interesting. It also happens for other popular platforms, Head of the videos Lots of original content can be drawn upon. There is nothing wrong optionyou will never be able to finish watching all the content in platform.

    there film adventure, action, comedyAnd plays and that too tearjerker. Of course, there is no shortage of content for me either children. In short, and so forth. And then we want to talk about it costs per month fromSubscription? It’s really silly. Actually, we are talking about suns 4.99 euros.

    And if you decide to subscribe annualThey will only pay 49.90 euros, or the equivalent of the ration for ten months. Furthermore cheap. In addition, in addition to the contents of the platform, customers will be able to take advantage of free shipping to Amazon musicAmazon the pictures And for many discounts on purchases Connected.

    There is also another great opportunity that Amazon offers to many of its customers. He is the one to take advantage of Prime Video Channel. In practice, individual subscriptions to the different channels can be subscribed individually starting from € 2.99 per month. There are no costs associated with all-inclusive packages. We will explain how to do this in the article.

    Great upgrade at bargain prices: many exclusive channels.

    This is the Amazon Prime Video Channel: a container of thematic channels. There is something for all tastes. Then, you can take advantage of the 30-day free trial period. Just think of what you can get at your fingertips thanks to Full Moon TVWestern, thriller, and horror content: one above all Ghost House.

    Main Video Channels (Web) –

    but that is not all. For movie lovers out there Rare video. Thanks to this channel, it will be possible to watch content from great directors, playwrights and actors such as, for example, Alejandro Jodorowsky. For short film lovers out there Shorts TV Offering all day real pearls not to be missed.

    What do I say, then, about Infinity selection. Great films from Italy and the world for the happiness of all. Finally, among others that we haven’t mentioned yet, we have that And half. Two channels offering music content. The first to offer users international concerts by award-winning artists. While the second is for lovers of classical, jazz and dance music.

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