Amazon opens its first clothing store in the region

    Amazon apre il suo primo negozio di vestiti

    Amazon is about to open its first physical clothing store: a revolution that e-commerce giant has dubbed Amazon Style, with the promise of a “high-tech” shopping experience. The announcement, which was published in the past few hours, confirms a rumor that was already circulating at the end of the summer, that the company was preparing to open large physical stores in order to provide access to its products to a wider audience.

    The concerned store will open its doors before the end of the year to Americana at Brand, a large shopping mall catering, entertainment and lodging in Los Angeles, marking the beginning of an expansion that should initially cover the largest cities in the United States. It will offer consumers the brands they “know and love,” with the ability to select items directly from the app, choosing size and color, which will be sent straight to the dressing room or to the collection office.

    The store will offer “hundreds of brands” selected according to the signals of different curators, as well as thanks to “comments from millions of customers who buy on Amazon”: none of them are specified, but we know that The company is currently selling online Products by designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Altuzarra, and La Perla are likely among the products that could also appear in the physical store.

    Amazon style

    Compared to traditional stores, Amazon should be less confusing because instead of showing dozens of versions of the same clothes, each model will have a few to touch: if you like, simply scan a QR code through Amazon Shopping to see sizes, colors and reviews Customers and all other options are available. With one click they choose the desired type, which is sent to the dressing room to be tried or directly to the cashier for purchase. As expected, there will also be an algorithm that will suggest products based on what you have chosen, as a suitable alternative and dress.

    Amazon style

    At the end of the selection, just go to the dressing room designated by the application, which will also allow you to open it: inside there will already be all the selected clothes. From there, via a touch screen, it will be possible to continue shopping and order new items to try without having to go out: they will arrive in “a few minutes” thanks to technology that Amazon is already using in its logistics centers.

    It will also be possible to purchase the same tested items in the online store, with a guarantee of paying the same amount for them. Precisely because we work with Amazon, every purchased item can be returned to the store, while scanned items remain listed in the app so you can go and review them at any time.

    Amazon style

    Remember, Amazon is not new to this field: it has already opened several grocery stores under the Fresh brand, as well as bookstores and even a hairdresser. We don’t know if there will be the “Just Walk Out” technology without the cashier that we find for example in the stores of the Fresh and Whole Foods chain, but it looks like it will at least use the Amazon One palm recognition system for payment.

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