Amazon is dismantling the army of paid employees to give company courtesy comments on social media

    Amazon is dismantling the army of paid employees to give company courtesy comments on social media

    Amazon withdraws its Twitter army of “social ambassadors”. The company was founded by Jeff Bezos I actually decided to abandon the project launched in 2018 which provided for employee salaries Who pledge to defend the reputationThe company and improve its public image. The fact that employees were paid for production Company friendly content It has been hidden. Messages produced so far have been deleted. He writes it today in financial times to remember Documents that have already appeared in the past on the contested roadshow.

    In particular, a Publish the document From the US site Intercept Last March, it became clear that the “ambassadors” had received specific training to confront any information or information An opinion considered detrimental to the reputation of the group. The document reads: “To address false speculation and claims in social media and online forums about the quality of work at Amazon, we are creating a new Social Team consisting of employees who will be tasked with responding politely –little boy– for any void.” He continues in particular, “Ambassadors will respond to all posts and comments from clients, influencers (including politicians) and the media questioning the standard of working conditions.”

    One of the tweets produced as part of the program read for example: “I’m proud to work for Amazon: take care of me. Much better than some previous employers.” Amanzo’s ambassadors campaigned on the occasion of the vote on union representation that took place at the group’s plant in Alabama and the claims of the US Democratic senator were often questioned. Bernie Sanders.

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