Amazon at CES 2023: Ring Car Camera, Video Intercom and New Alexa Features

    Amazon at CES 2023: Ring Car Camera, Video Intercom and New Alexa Features

    The new frontiers of ambient intelligence inside and outside the home: Here are all the news from the world of Amazon presented at CES 2023, from the Ring Car Cam to the video entry phone, through to the new Alexa features.

    At CES 2023, Amazon Announced new products, features, and experiences for its customers as it prepared to join its partners in showcasing features and integrations that enhance Amazon Services.

    Range car camera

    Ring Car Cam extends the power of Ring technology from the home to the vehicle, creating a new category for Ring. The Ring Car Cam is controlled by the Ring app and is unique in that the dual cameras record both when the car is in motion and when it is off, giving the user the ability to monitor their vehicle from anywhere. Whether parked at home. , at the supermarket or on the go. When the car is parked, the Car Cam’s smart sensors can detect events in and around the vehicle. If an event, such as a break-in, is detected, the camera starts recording and sends a real-time alert to the Ring app, where you can watch what’s happening live or communicate with anyone in the car. Car Cam also has a unique feature called Traffic Stop. Just say “Alexa, record” and the camera will record what’s happening, even if the car is parked.

    Range car camera

    Cam peephole ring

    The Ring Peephole Cam has all the video doorbell features customers know and love, and it can be installed above the peephole in your door. Whether it is an apartment, condominium or detached house, it is possible to take advantage of the benefits of video intercom. Peephole Cam features a 1080p HD camera, night vision, two-way audio, and motion detection. Installation is quick, easy and takes minutes, with no permanent changes required.

    Cam peephole ring

    Alexa to charge electric cars

    Charging an electric vehicle (EV) is now even more convenient thanks to new EV charging features with Alexa integration. Starting this year, electric vehicle drivers in the US will be able to ask Alexa to help them find and access public charging points, in addition to paying with a simple voice request like, “Alexa, find an electric vehicle charging station near me.” The Alexa EV charging experience makes it available to customers at more than 150,000 public charging stations in the United States in real time, operated by EVgo, one of the nation’s largest express charging networks, and other operators. EVgo will also be the first electric vehicle charging operator to offer the ability to easily pay to charge using your voice. Customers who own Alexa-enabled vehicles and accessories like the Echo Auto will be able to ask Alexa to find the nearest EVgo charging station, and once there, start and pay the charge by simply saying, “Alexa, pay the charge.”

    Alexa to charge electric cars

    New collaborations and new developments

    In an effort to standardize voice interoperability and allow customers more choice and flexibility, Amazon is announcing new partnerships and improvements to existing partnerships, including:

    • Multi-assistant integration Amazon and Panasonic Automotive. Amazon and Panasonic Automotive have partnered to modernize Panasonic Automotive’s SkipGen in-car infotainment system with an advanced integration that allows customers to simultaneously access Alexa or “Hey Siri” in Apple CarPlay. This is a huge benefit for the customer who now has the ability to simultaneously access both Siri and Alexa with related functionality on one system. Panasonic Automotive’s SkipGen makes in-car voice commands easier, thanks in part to the company’s deep experience integrating Apple CarPlay with its offering along with Amazon’s wake-word detection technologies, regional detection, management of several voice assistants and the Alexa Auto SDK.
    • Amazon and multi-helper integration., a home intelligence system designed to manage and control embedded devices through intuitive application and natural programming language processing, will showcase a new multi-assistant integration for devices, allowing you to use Alexa at the same time as Josh. ai’s voice assistant, simply by using the corresponding wake-up word. While the assistant controls the smart home and connected devices, customers can use Alexa simultaneously to make voice requests, get information, manage daily activities, and search for entertainment content, such as checking the latest sports scores, managing a shopping list, and much more. More information is available here.
    • Hey Disney! At CES, Amazon is also introducing Hey Disney! , to unveil the magic of this highly anticipated voice assistant. Hey Disney! Recently showed up in a few hotel rooms at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. Now the companies are excited to announce Hello, Disney! It will be available soon in the coming months to US customers who will be able to purchase it from the Alexa Skills Store or with an Amazon Kids+ subscription.

    Hey Disney!

    Furthermore it, Ten companies in the Alexa Fund portfolio Presenting several innovative solutions at CES, including:

    Retriever and Echo Show 10 Labrador Pilot Test. Powered by the Alexa Fund, the Labrador company has announced a proof-of-concept prototype featuring the Amazon Echo Show 10 installed atop its Labrador Retriever robot assistant. The robot is designed to allow people to live more independently by moving and bringing everyday objects together as needed.

    Orbital Systems Circular Shower System with Alexa Routines. Orbital Systems, a company backed by the Alexa Fund, makes devices that not only save water and energy, but also improve the customer experience. Orbital Systems will be showcasing a “My Shower” experience powered by Alexa Routine. With routines, customers can perform specific tasks, and with simple voice commands, Orbital’s shower system can adjust music, water temperature and flow, and even bathroom lighting with preset, custom routines.

    Alexa box

    docks. Amazon Sidewalk, a secure long-haul network designed to provide low-cost global connectivity to billions of smart devices, will be available to developers in the first half of this year. This means that Amazon will offer developers and device makers a true self-service model for independently and quickly building new Sidewalk-enabled devices. The company will also introduce four new third-party devices with Sidewalk integration designed to help customers achieve everyday benefits at home, including New Cosmos’ new natural gas detector — which leverages Sidewalk to provide customers with timely information about potential gas leaks in their homes. Homepage; Several new residential devices with Sidewalk integration from Browan, including a motion detector, door and window sensors, water leak detector, and CO2 detector, all of which use Sidewalk to send alerts when needed; Deviceroy’s Aria smart modem, which will use Sidewalk to connect solar inverters to the Internet, automatically helping customers coordinate real-time power availability with high-efficiency devices; Finally, Meshify will show off its new devices with Sidewalk Freeze and Leak Detection integration, helping customers avoid major damage.

    not shiny. In an effort to make the smart home more interoperable and easier for customers, starting this spring, Amazon will expand Matter support to iOS, Thread, and other device types like thermostats, blinds, sensors, and the remaining Echo devices. and eero. In addition, the company will release its first Alexa Ambient Home Dev Kit (AAHDK) APIs to developers this month at CES. This includes an API for Group Sync, Device Sync, and Credential Guard (CLAPI). These cloud-based features are designed to be flexible, allowing developers to double down on development efforts and reach more families and users, regardless of the mobile operating system or communication protocol used to connect devices with Alexa.

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