Amazon and Stellantis team up ‘for connected in-car experiences’

    Amazon e Stellantis collaborano “per esperienze connesse a bordo delle auto”

    Amazon and Stellantis have announced a series of global, multi-year deals that promise to transform the driving experience for millions of drivers. The new agreement is referred to as “capable of facilitating the mobility sector’s transition towards a sustainable future and making it more efficient through the use of software.”

    The agreement, which includes Amazon Devices, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon Last Mile, will enable Stellantis to accelerate its transformation into a sustainable mobility technology company. The two companies will work together to implement Amazon’s technology and software expertise across the multinational auto manufacturing organization. The process will include the vehicle development phases, creating “connected experiences” in cars and training the next generation of automotive software engineers. Together, the two companies promise to give life to a range of products and services that will integrate with customers’ digital lives, with new features that will arrive progressively with periodic software updates. over the air (OTA).

    The two companies announced that they will collaborate on the development of the STLA SmartCockpit software, which will run on millions of vehicles globally starting in 2024. The platform promises a “personal and intuitive experience” on board vehicles, while also leveraging ‘artificial intelligence’ to improve entertainment, navigation, vehicle maintenance and voice assistance. provided by Alexa and use of e-commerce platforms and payment services.

    Amazon and Stellantis are collaborating
    Brands controlled by the Stellantis Group

    Tailored “solutions and experiences” are provided by a dedicated app store, with options that adapt to individual needs and customer preferences. Both companies highlight the possibilities that go beyond what is possible by car. For example, users will be able to proactively monitor their homes once they travel, thanks to integration with Amazon’s leading security and smart home services. Users will be able to, among other things, manage cars via their devices at home or from the Alexa smartphone app. Amazon’s voice assistance system will also provide customized features that allow you to order accessories, plan maintenance, and adjust cabin temperature before entering the vehicle.

    Both companies still state that they are co-developing the “Virtual Engineering Workbench,” a cloud-based product development environment. This will provide automated workflows for managing software development and testing, running high-performance simulations, providing training on machine learning models, and collecting and analyzing data.

    Amazon and Stellantis are collaborating

    The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. As part of a separate agreement, Amazon will be the first commercial customer of New Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Ram ProMaster, Which will be launched in 2023 and designed to deliver the last mile. Amazon will put vehicles on US roads: Based on the existing agreement, the two companies report that they bring thousands of electric ProMasters to the road each year.

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