Amazing NASA discovery: There is evidence of life in the solar system

    Amazing NASA discovery: There is evidence of life in the solar system

    NASA found evidence of other forms of life in the solar system. A discovery that will revolutionize the research sector

    More advanced technologies allow experts to learn more about the universe that surrounds us. In fact, day after day we receive different information regarding the novelty of their discoveries. What we will reveal today is about to be of fundamental importance for the future of research in this sector and could also be crucial for other purposes.

    Discussion of other forms of life in the universe has long fascinated most commentators around the world. Precisely for this reason, many researchers have focused on trying to uncover as much as possible about this topic. Their efforts led to A.J An unprecedented discovery that validates the possibility of life on a planet in our solar system.

    We are not talking about aliens with flying saucers, but about something more real. Indeed, NASA wanted to share on Twitter what experts were able to discover after careful study of the satellites of Uranus.

    And just like on Earth, there is life in the solar system

    The objectives of the study, which was conducted by a group of researchers, are four satellites of the third largest planet and close to our sun. Water cores were discovered on it. Not only that, there is talk of real oceans in the moons of Uranus, which indicates that there may also be other life forms on them.

    There is life on Uranus (Canva) –

    The study has been published in Journal of Geophysical Research And talking about it was Julie Castillo Rogues, lead author of the research. According to his statements, says, it is a discovery that must be emphasized, given that it was not previously thought that there could be a possibility of water on small satellites.

    Other background information from this study relates to the fact that there are some Sources of heat within the rocky covers of the moons. These elements could release a liquid, which would be able to maintain environments suitable for life on four of the twenty-seven moons around Uranus. According to Julie Castillo-Rogues, this is a fundamental step forward on the topic of other life forms in our solar system.

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