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Aluminum in the Kitchen: A Warning of Serious Health Risks | Things you never do

Aluminum in the Kitchen: A Warning of Serious Health Risks |  Things you never do

Be careful when using aluminum in the kitchen, it can be dangerous: find out in cases where it is risky

We all know that a different cooking time is required for each food. Which depends on the characteristics of the food itself, or on other external conditions such as the kitchen utensils at our disposal. But what we should never use is aluminum: we could be in danger.

Aluminum in the kitchen can be dangerous
Here’s what you should know about aluminum bodies – Thewisemagazine.it

We were informed of this news by the Ministry of Health, which launched a campaign to explain the correct ways to use aluminum in the kitchen. This has long been considered a dangerous substance, although not many people realize it.

Hazards are associated with all kinds of things made of these materials, From containers to trays, from pots to other aluminum products cIt can come in handy in the kitchen. But why is this so dangerous?

Aluminum, be careful how you use it in the kitchen, as it is very dangerous to your health

When aluminum comes into contact with food It releases toxic substances that can harm our health. It is therefore very important to make a correct assessment of the food that should be placed in a container made of this material. They come It is not recommended to eat acidic or salty foodsLemon juice or tomato sauce, for example.

Aluminum in the kitchen can be dangerous
Is aluminum in the kitchen really dangerous? – Thewisemagazine.it

In addition to foods They cannot stay longer than 24 hours Inside the aluminum container, otherwise it may be damaged. The limit can only be exceeded in cold or freezing temperatures.

Also pay attention to aluminum pans or utensils They should not be scratched With cutlery or other things usually used in the kitchen. Remember that Do not use abrasive products when cleaningThis is to avoid poisoning. If this happens, the people most at risk are people with kidney problems, the elderly, and very young children. On the other hand, healthy individuals can quickly eliminate substances that enter through food.

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Only the incorrect use of aluminum objects can harm our health. In fact the ministerial report is a warning to our safety however This does not mean that they are completely dangerous. We’ve used it without issues over the years for a reason, after all. Of course, caution is never too much, just as there is never too much information that can protect our health, as in the case of aluminum.

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