Already 70 joined the “Il Raggio Verde” initiative

    70 adhesions were registered this morning by the association “Il Raggio Verde” for the initiative proposed by the same association and the radiology unit of the PTA in Trani, scheduled for next Sunday 27 March: this is the third edition of the “A day for women” to continue to support and promote projects in the fight against breast cancer. It is performed in collaboration with the Radiology Unit of the PTA in Trani with Dr. Francesco Nemore, offering free medical and breast exams for women aged 20-40, diagnostic tests for osteoporosis, and thyroid ultrasound.
    This morning, a group of adhesions, with a gazebo from “Il Raggio Verde” between via S. Giorgio and via Mario pagano: “Today, our association has been greatly appreciated: your trust. About 70 adhesions have been collected – actually read in the assembly dimension – for the initiative we proposed , Raggio Verde, and the Radiology Unit of the PTA in Trani, this means that, having learned to identify us, you believe in our seriousness and in the validity of our initiatives, and therefore in the importance of prevention, a battle we have been fighting for years”, all on the occasion of Women’s Month. “A big thank you to the doctors and primary care workers at Trani PTA. When we started, even if we had high expectations, we were a bit hesitant and instead made it to v3. Our work, promoting prevention, destabilizing the psychology of convincing women to love each other, It has paid off. This day organized by Raggio Verde and the Radiology Unit of the PTA in Trani, together with previous years, has become the flagship of our work. This means that we have been able to show how much we care about you and how much our commitment is appreciated by you, and we thank you for that “.

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