Home Technology Alphabet Boosts Healthcare Efforts With Latest AI Move

Alphabet Boosts Healthcare Efforts With Latest AI Move

Alphabet Boosts Healthcare Efforts With Latest AI Move

Google’s AI Efforts in Healthcare Industry Unveiled at Annual Event

At its annual health event in New York City, Google showcased its AI-backed initiatives to deepen its penetration into the healthcare industry. The tech giant revealed a new AI feature powered by an advanced model called Gemini, which is being developed in collaboration with Google Research and Fitbit.

One of Google’s major announcements was its collaboration with Apollo Radiology International to provide AI-powered screenings for tuberculosis, lung cancer, and breast cancer in India. In addition to this, Google is also working on enhancing health information on its search engine and YouTube.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is making aggressive efforts to revolutionize the healthcare industry with the help of AI. The company recently launched Vertex AI Search for Healthcare and MedLM, generative AI models specifically designed for the healthcare industry. Google’s Healthcare Data Engine was also introduced, providing interoperable patient data and clinical insights in FHIR format.

With the growing demand for generative AI in the healthcare industry, Google aims to capitalize on this trend. However, there is stiff competition from other tech giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Oracle, who are also making concerted efforts to expand in the healthcare space.

Amazon, for example, is collaborating with Philips to improve digital workflow integration and AI/ML capabilities in pathology labs. Microsoft has partnered with Epic to develop and integrate generative AI into healthcare, while Oracle is enhancing its Health Data Intelligence suite with a generative AI service to boost care management efficiency.

According to a Global Market Insights report, the generative AI in healthcare market is projected to reach $22.1 billion by 2032. Similarly, a Precedence Research Report forecasts the market to hit $21.74 billion by the same year. With such promising growth prospects, it is clear that AI will play a significant role in shaping the future of healthcare.

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