All qualifiers for the 2022-2023 Grand Prix Finals. Guaranteed offer in Turin – OA Sport

     All qualifiers for the 2022-2023 Grand Prix Finals.  Guaranteed offer in Turin - OA Sport

    The first main event of the 2022-2023 snowboarding season is over. After six stages scattered around the world it was She finally completed the ISU Grand Prix Figure Skating Finals photo Which, as we know, will take place this year in Italy at the PalaVela in Turin.

    The Piedmontese Ice Show will be very loud, ready to welcome the best snowboarders onto the scene from December 7-11, and ready to take it on in every competition. For example, athletes from the men’s singles discipline, a class with four Japanese (Shuma Ono, Kamo Miura, Sota Yamamoto and Shun Sato), one American (Ilya Malinin) and one European class, will not be disqualified, namely Daniel Grassle.

    Asian domination is also on the women’s single, thanks to the presence of three Japanese (Mai Miyahara, Kaori Sakamoto, Rinka Watanabe) and a South Korean (Yelem Kim); In contention then an American (Isabio Levito) and a European (Luina Hendricks). in technical pairs instead High attendance Italy who will be in the match with two teamsthat’s saying Rebecca Gilardi, Filippo Ambrosini, and Sara Conti, Nicolò Massi. There is also an American couple (Brandon Fraser, Chan Hao); Canada (Dudek-Duschamps star) and Japan (Miura-Kihara) obviously complete the picture.

    Figure Skating Grand Prix 2022-2023: The Azzurri qualify for the finals. Guignard-Fabbri leads the record holders

    Canadian double instead in Dancing On Icethanks to the presence of Piper Gilles-Paul Poirier and Fournier Baudry-Sorensen: double participation also for the United States (Chuck-Beats, Hawk-Baker), Then Italy (Guignard-Fabbri) and the United Kingdom (Fair Gibson). All details below.

    TORINO GRAND PRIX FINAL: All qualified

    Male individual

    • Ilya Malinin USA – 30
    • Shoma Ono Japan – 30
    • Kao Miura JPN – 26
    • Sota Yamamoto JPN-26
    • Daniel Grasel ITA – 24
    • Shun Sato JPN-24

    female separately

    • Mai Miyahara JPN – 30
    • Loena Hendrickx BEL – 28
    • Kaori Sakamoto JPN – 28
    • Willem Kim Kor – 28
    • Isabeau Levito USA – 26
    • Rinka Watanabe JPN – 22

    Artist couple

    • Reiko Miura / Ryuichi Kihara JPN – 30
    • Alexa Knierim / Brandon Fraser USA – 30
    • 28- Diana Stellato Dudek / Maxime Deschamps
    • Emily Chan / Spencer Howe USA – 26
    • Rebecca Gilardi Filippo Ambrosini – 26
    • Sarah Conti/Niccolò Massi Etta – 24

    dancing on Ice

    • 30- Baber Gil Paul Poirier
    • Charlene Guinard / Marco Fabbri ITA – 30
    • 28 – Caitlin Howick – Jean-Luc Baker – USA
    • Laurence Fournier Baudry / Nicholas Sorensen was 28
    • Madison Chuck / Evan Bates USA – 28
    • Lilah Fair / Louis Gibson Britain – 26

    Photo: La Presse

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