All photos of the finalists

    All photos of the finalists

    there world photography organization Announcing the finalists for the professional competition! Sony World Photography Awards 2022. Now in its fifteenth edition, the awards reward a series of works noteworthy for their technical competence and original approach to contemporary topics.

    This year, more than 340,000 images from 211 regions were submitted and more than 156,000 images were submitted for the professional competition. This is the More competitors in the history of awards.

    The Photographer of the Year 2022 winner (Photographer of the Year 2022) has been selected from among the finalists and will be announced on April 12. A selection of images captured by the finalists and selected photographers will be shown during the Sony World Photography Awards Gala at Somerset House from April 13 to May 2, 2022.

    Serena Disneys Australia Shortlisted Professional Architecture & Design Sony World Photography Awards 2022
    © Serena Dzenis, Australia, Shortlist, Professional, Architecture & Design, Sony World Photography Awards 2022

    architecture and design

    at Nur Sultan Javier Arsenillas (Spain) presents a series of photographs on the extraordinary and exotic architecture of the capital of Kazakhstan. at Planned Yoon chi chen (Taiwan) Creates multi-layered images that mimic the traditional architectural design process or Cyan style by means of post-production techniques. Dorph to Domagog Borilovic (Croatia) uses photosynthesis to express the paradox of how nature took over the homes of Slavonia, a region enriched in the 19th century through the exploitation of local forests and lands.


    new waves to Raphael Neal (UK) puts climate change scenes alongside photos of teenagers; The double spotlight highlights the devastating consequences for the people most affected by climate change. Sometimes the sky above us is open to Sarah Grit (Germany) follows the photographer’s journey to her mother’s hometown in southern Germany, as she explores their relationship through portraits and still life. Mellow end of the world to Alnis Stackle (Latvia) Takes the visual elements of open source collections, such as museums, science institutes, and photo banks to create intricately detailed collages in which disparate elements collide and collide with each other.

    Documentary projects

    Hanau’s long days to Fabian Ritter (Germany) documents the community of Hanau, Germany following the racist attacks in the city on February 19, 2020. Children of the financial meltdown in Venezuela Well-known photojournalist Jan Grarup (Denmark) depicts scenes of despair and extreme poverty for Venezuelans in Colombia. insurgency By a well-known news photographer McNamee win (United States) The dramatic scenes were captured when a mob of Trump supporters marched to the United States Capitol and forcibly entered the building on January 6, 2021.


    living in transition to Shonta Kimura (Japan) Explores the effects of climate change in Bangladesh, where local people increasingly grapple with consequences such as river erosion, avalanches and rising levels of salinity. at nemo’s gardenAnd the Giacomo Dorlando (Italy) documents the world’s first underwater greenhouse, a possible solution to the urgent need to find alternative and sustainable ways to grow food. Pictures in the ashes by famous photographer Gideon Mendel (South Africa) depicts families and individuals inside empty skeletons of destroyed buildings, poignantly illustrating the devastation caused by fires in Greece, Canada and the USA.

    aesthetic view

    It was created during the winter which has unusually heavy snow due to climate change, solar drawing to Andrios Rebchis (Lithuania) Takes sustainable energy sources like dams, wind turbines and solar batteries from above, reducing them to abstracts. life on earth to Lorenzo Poli (Italy) A diverse series of landscapes digs into the ethereal magic of nature and the mysterious beauty of the wild world. At a portrait photographer Gareth Ewan Jones (United Kingdom) Unable to continue his work due to the lockdown, he turned his car lens to tree shapes against a sunset sky, creating a series of portrait-like images titled Tree.

    Anna Neubauer, Austria, Finalist, Professional, Portfolio, 2022 Sony World Photography Awards
    © Anna Neubauer, Austria, Photography Finalist, Professional, Portfolio, Sony World Photography Awards 2022


    human beauty to Anna Neubauer (Austria) explores the photographer’s desire to break away from traditional stereotypes and celebrate diversity through a series of reflective images. at File Hugh Fox (UK) Captures quiet moments of everyday life with family and friends during the pandemic. Commercial and editorial photographer Julian Anderson (UK) A selection of portraits, landscapes and still photos taken for various magazines.


    Kariatis 2021 to George Tatakis (Greece) is a study of the traditional costumes of Greek women relating to different periods of Greece’s extensive history, in which each image is the result of careful research and preparation. immigrants Well-known photojournalist Adam Ferguson (Australia) is a series of selfies of migrants in Mexico waiting to cross the border with the United States. Using a tripod-mounted camera and shutter-release cable, Ferguson invited subjects to choose the timing of the shot, and then give them control over the images they shoot. bushmeat hunters From the esteemed trustee Brent Stirton (South Africa) consists of a series of portraits of game hunters depicted with their prey and framed in a way that evokes the traditional paintings of hunters


    representation of drama and excitement of the Olympic Games, Tokyo twenty one twenty By a well-known sports photographer Adam Preti (Australia) Shows the strength and skill of athletes. koarup to Ricardo Telles (Brazil) documents a native Brazilian Xingu ritual honoring the dead, which includes a martial art called Huka-huka; The people memorialized this year were mostly victims of Covid-19. loyal fans to Roman Vondros (Czech Republic) illustrates the enthusiasm and dedication of the fans of the Bohemians Prague 1905 football team, who were not deterred by the restrictions imposed by the pandemic and equipped with stairs to watch matches over the fence.


    in the series From Nigeria to NasjoAnd the Cletus Nelson Nawadiki (Sweden) He photographed objects in the snow that particularly remind him of his home, a way of mourning for his deceased mother who was unable to obtain a visa to meet her family. about constellation Haruna Ogata (Japan) e Jean-Etienne Portiel France created colorful abstract sculptures and then depicted them as a series of elegant graphic compositions. Concordia to Alessandro Gandolfi (Italy) focuses on a series of personal items found in the wreck of the Costa Concordia, a cruise ship that sank in 2012 and killed 32 people.

    Wildlife and nature

    fox tale to Milan Radisx (Hungary) He follows the photographer’s observations over a period of eight months, during which he spends nearly every night photographing a small fox walking to the back of his garden. Too presumptuous to Oana Bakovic (Romania) consists of a series of photographs that explore the great diversity and beauty of the native flora of the region in which the photographer lives. Weird Appetite – Inside the Exotic Italian Animal Trade By the 2019 Photographer of the Year award winning photojournalist, Federico Borilla (Italy) studies the lesser known trade in exotic live animals in Italy, where they are displayed and sold for high profits.


    The work of the finalist and shortlisted photographers for the Professional Contest was judged by:

    • Rehab openlycurator and editor, Judge Foundation for the Arts, New Delhi;
    • Angela Ferraraartist, freelance photo curator and postdoctoral researcher at Escola de Belas Artes Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro Brazil;
    • Deborah KlushkoCEO and Chief Curator of the Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, US;
    • Richmond Orlando MensahFounder and Creative Director, Manju Journal, Ghana;
    • mike troughindependent curator and photo editor, chair of the jury.

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