Home entertainment All or Nothing Juventus Documentary series built on trust with unreleased photos

All or Nothing Juventus Documentary series built on trust with unreleased photos

All or Nothing Juventus

All or nothing Juventus

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Juventus Show All or Nothing for Amazon Prime Video Documentary Series

Submitted on Wednesday 17th November In default, the first Italian deflection of the mathematical form of Amazon Prime Video Everything. The figure has already emerged behind the scenes of Tottenham, Manchester City and hockey teams under Mourinho and for the first time an Italian team at the center: Juventus.

All or nothing Juventus got exclusive access to the team during the last football season 2020/21, making the spectators inside the team. The documentary series arrives on Amazon Prime Video on November 25. The session was moderated by Julia Mizoni and the meeting was attended by Pavel Nedved, vice president JuventusAnd Giorgio RicciChief Revenue Officer JuventusAnd Nicole Morgante, Head of Italian Asset Division, Amazon Studios e Dante SolazzoHead of Unrecorded Assets Division, Amazon Studios, Italy.

All or nothing Juventus’ statements from the press conference

Nicole Morganti: “All or nothing is one of the most complex formats imaginable. First of all, how long do you have to shoot, so we wanted to show how successful and powerful the products are in Italy even internationally. All or nothing is a sport-specific format with distractions Different to tell the country So it was important in Italy to talk about football A project that needs a lot of confidence on the part of the participating team Amazon’s strategy is to tell talent in an unprecedented way to deliver unique content This story is not just for Juventus fans or for those who come to watch the League European champions but it is transgenerational, targeting everyone. Choosing Juventus is not easy, we spoke for the first time in March 2019, we made it clear right away that we didn’t want to do something we had already seen.”

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“Sports is very important to us, we are trying to create premium content, we will have many other content but I can’t expect anything yet, the goal is always to tell unexplored worlds and heroes.”

Pavel Nedved: “It’s nice to be able to talk about a company and a football team as a whole, it’s been a good year, with a junior coach, with Cristiano Ronaldo again, a season that was nonetheless complicated but we’ve come home with twice the trophies. It’s time for a generational change, And the transition between the past and the future of the club. I think we are in the starting stage to get the right mix.” “Juventus were born to win and look to the future. We need to focus on the youth.”

The future of sports entertainment

Dante Solazzo: “We started with what they did in other countries and in particular in the UK, we shot for 40 weeks we had many hours of filming, to all this was added Covid which forced us to live in production bubbles, we did about 6000 tampons. What he told us Our colleagues The key to the success of this coordination, is the trust with the team. A trust we have gained over time. Undoubtedly, it is easier to laugh after a victory, it is more difficult after a defeat. In the long run, it was the players, managers and workers who invited us, and suggested what we should do. Done. We even went home, like making a Christmas tree in Buffon D’Amico’s house. We thought it useful to tell Juventus from different points of view. We wanted to open the windows to the fans, not just the most enthusiastic.

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Giorgio Ricci: “Now it is all entertainment, Juventus makes entertainment with its teams but it is also part of the world of entertainment with different contents. There is constant pollution between the different worlds of entertainment. The fact that new generations are changing the way people enjoy football is clear so we have to open up to a different way of interaction “.

How do you see documentaries?

The docuseries from November 25th are available in the Amazon Prime Video catalog for everyone to stream. All or nothing is included in the €35 per year Prime subscription cost which also allows you to watch the Champions League match in turn. Moreover, among the Amazon channels It is also possible to subscribe to the Juventus channel.

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