All ads by Capcom Spotlight –

    All ads by Capcom Spotlight –

    last night capcom send him spotlightWith all heresy regarding titles that will be released in the coming weeks. It was a moment to take stock of what came from the Japanese publisher.

    The evening had many points of interest, although no new games were shown. Let’s start from Street Fighter 6, of which a new trailer was shown to introduce a Japanese commentator. The game was also revealed to be participating in the Capcom World Tour 2023, which will have a prize pool of $2,000,000.

    A long part of the event is devoted to Exoprimalwhose official release date has been revealed, has already been leaked beforehand, new gameplay has been shown off, and finally, it’s been announced that it’s coming to Game Pass from launch.

    Also news about Ghost Trick: Ghost Detective, whose release date has been announced and a trailer for the game shown. Since it was originally an excellent game, we hope that in this version it will also be improved graphically, as well as revised and corrected.

    With Ghost Trick done, Capcom focused on Monster Hunter Rise: SunbreakPlayStation and Xbox release date announced. In short, it will soon be a full-fledged multiplatform game, after a period of exclusivity to Nintendo Switch and subsequent access to Steam.

    The final part of the event was dedicated to Resident Evil 4, showing off three new teaser trailers and announcing the launch of the Chainsaw Demo.

    Note that all games offered by Capcom will arrive between now and summer. Who knows if Makaimura’s publisher has some surprises in store for the end of the year, too.

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