Alfa Romeo Stelvio: check the max

    Alfa Romeo Stelvio: spunta l’Estrema

    maximum – Latest spy photos jabitz spy unitShow an example ofAlfa Romeo Stelvio Proposed in an unprecedented exhibition called Maximum. The latter’s name can be read in the black badge placed on the side of the vehicle. Its presentation should coincide with the debut of the restyled Alfa Romeo Stelvio, with some aesthetic and technological changes.

    change headlights – samplesAlfa Romeo Stelvio Pictured in pictures hide the new behind the camouflage headlights front with technology a Drove It features three round luminous elements, similar to those on the Tonale. The air intakes at the bottom of the fascia look a little different, too. It seems that there are no changes to the taillights, while the shape of the air extractor between the taillights changes.

    Interior updated – Although the interior of the renovation Alfa Romeo Stelvio Not visible in these latest shots, we know from rumors they’ll be getting a new one digital dashboardas well as the latest generation of multimedia systems, based on the Android Automotive operating system always connected to the network.

    Three years of life – suv restyling Alfa Romeo Stelvio And the Giulia sedan is necessary to prolong the career of the two models Until 2025the year in which both will be replaced by a new generation electric motor, based on the new large STLA platform of the Stellantis group (here to know more).

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