Alejo Vélez and the magic of Rosario Central in Kempes

    Alejo Vélez and the magic of Rosario Central in Kempes

    the Central rosette It retains a special charm. It’s the club that launched Mario Kempscenter forward who pulledArgentina To win the World Cup in 1978. And who, above all, refused to shake hands with the dictator Jorge her During the awards ceremony in the stadium huge to Buenos Aires. In Rosario they have a form of reverence for Kempes, long hair and the legend of Che Guevara in their hearts. Now the former striker is 68 years old and works as a TV commentator. For nearly half a century, Argentina has been looking for another like him, with the same charisma and the same compassion. But perhaps he will never be born: a face as unique and unrepeatable, as mural as Diego’s Maradona.

    Figure 9 – Rosario Central fans curiously follow Alejo’s foray into great football Phillies, nineteen years old, classic number 9, 1m 87, who stood out in this first part of the championship. Four goals in eleven matches: Velez is coach Miguel Angel’s surprise card Russianthe previous Boca Juniors. log inArsenal Sarandi and onHuracanThen he scored two goals Gimnasia y Esgrima. Born in goodkin September 19, 2003: Power and Speed. His right foot is natural, he hits his head well, he was called up to the Argentina U-20 national team, captained by Javier They hide. He started at Gödeken Academy, then moved in with his father when he was three years old Sergius and mother, Andrea A Bernard D’Irigoyenwhere he continued to play withSports and Cultural Union. In Rosario Central, he was also coached by Carlos Tevez. He has a contract until 2025, and his agent is Leon volts. Some shows have already arrived from abroad, such as Show Bayer LeverkusenNext opponent Rome In the semi-finals of European league. until the Lychee and the Sassuolo Follow.

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